Confession Friday

Friday, May 27, 2011

Confession Friday

I confess that, yeah that cupcake on Wednesday, didn't make it home.  (I blame you Alyssa, jk).

I confess that I sometimes don't comment on people's blogs because well, they don't comment on mine.  Easy enough!  Blog snob, oh well.

I confess that I still have my belly ring in.  Yes, the same one since I got it done when I was 15.  Only took it out about two weeks before Stella was born and put it right back in the day we got home from the hospital.  The skin between it is THIN, I mean thin.  Almost gross looking.  But I just can't part with it.  So I need some help/advice, are they totally a lost fad?!  Should I keep it, or let it grow shut?!?  HELP!

I confess that I could be sporting a swim suit this weekend and I'm NERVOUS.  Oh well.  I just want some sun and I want to take my baby swimming!!

I confess that someone put a picture on FB of them drinking a marg and my mouth started watering immediately.  Ahhhh, come out baby, come out!!

I confess that I REALLY REALLY want to hold out until September 2nd to have my baby.  Yep, a whole WEEK later.  I don't want to be induced and I want to have a September baby.  Did you hear that man upstairs?  Let me know if we can work out a deal, um kay.  I appreciate it!!

I confess that I came thisclose to loosing it on the DiCarlos waitress last night.  Home girl needed to have a little come to Jesus with some waitressing manners.  When we tell you we have an order to place for togo and your response is, "ummm, can you remind me later, I'm a little busy right now" AND there are only FIVE tables in the whole place, I don't think so.  Sorry you are too busy flirting with some douche bag kid sitting at B1 to take my order.  That isn't considered "busy" to me.

I confess that even though I had some crazy weight gain, ate like a hog and was extremely bloated by time I went to the doctor on Tuesday, I passed my glucose!!  Wooohooo, so on to Zia's for lunch today!  Bahaha.  Oh my poor waist line....

Have a great holiday weekend people!!  Get your tan on!


Adrien said...

I confess that I secretly LOVE being induced. Convenient, easy, done. I think it's the planner in me, haha.

I agree, I am much more inclined to comment on someone's blog if they comment on mine. It's like blogger etiquette 101. :)

Kim Luke said...

I confess I think its hilarious that you called it B1.

I confess if you go to Dicarlo's again without me or at least a pity invite, prepare to be bitch slapped. bahahaha

I confess I creep a lot of blogs but don't comment most of the time, I just feel wonder, do you really care what I think??

I confess I took my belly button ring out when I was 4 months pregnant with Landon and haven't wore it since.. And I can still get it in. I promise you, the hole won't close up. I got mine done at 15 too, it's there for ever!!!!

Katie said...

I still have my belly button ring in and according to my sister 25 is too old to have one. BITE ME BITCH!!!! I say keep it!

I confess that Im in a wedding this weekend that really really really dont want to be in and its making me DREAD the weekend. I dont think I have ever not wanted the weekend to come. UGHHH Rehearsal saturday night wedding sunday. Wow thanks!!

I confess that I woke up at 7:22 this morning and Im suppose to be at work by 8. Hair is in a ponytail today and I was in the parking lot at 7:58!!! p.s. I shower at night so yes I am clean. hahahah

Erin said...

I confess I know one of these is aimed straight at this girl. I haven't had my belly button ring in in probly five years and there's still a hole. I think I got it when I was 13. Gross.

Cassie said...

Adrien - yes, thank you!! lol.

Kim - ha I totally did B1 on purpose. And totally sat at B4. lol.

Katie - hahahaha, I love how you have to tell me that you did take a shower. BUT I bet you put your damn makeup on in the car, DIDN'T YOU!!

Erin - 13?!? Really. Wow. Why does that seem so young. Idk. I guess 15 really isn't any better.

sblind2 said...

I'm with you on if the belly ring is a fad or not....I can still put mine in and I wore mine last summer at some of our pool parties hoping it would make my stomach look better-lol (didn't work).

I took mine out around 6 months I think.

Katie said...

hahaha I did, but I tried to only do it at stop lights and I finished my makeup in the parking lot at work. Im trying not to do it while ACTUALLY driving.

Christine said...

I still have mine and would be lost without it. I left mine in the whole time with Wyatt.

Katie said...

I confess that the thing I probably miss the most about good old Red Bud is Dicarlos. I get jealous anytime I hear anyone talk about eating there.

I also confess that I want a baby born in September or October :) I love fall!