Updated - My List

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Updated - My List

*finish our bedroom dresser and move it INTO our bedroom done and done - ahhh, i love it!!

*officially post a "after" picture of our DONE bedroom - taking pictures tonight!!

*paint Stella's new big girl room - one coat of primer on!

*buy a mattress for Stella's twin bed put the word out there and K&B said they have one we can have.  YAY, saved us some major moolah!!

*decorate/put together Stella's room (that's for you Kacie!!)

*make my husband cut his jean pile in HALF. i should really post a picture of all the damn jeans he has - picture coming later, no joke, he got rid of ONE PAIR of jeans.  ONE!  Ayi yi yi.....

*clean out "Josh's closet" which will now be Stella's closet - done and done.  However Stella has more like 3/4s of the closet because Daddy has TOO many pairs of jeans he just can't part with.  Oh well.

*make room in my current closet for my husband's clothes done and done.  Josh is offically "moved into" my closet.  Ugh, I miss all my closet space!!

*purge some of the husband and i's clothes ha, you would think it would be easy getting rid of clothes you wore in 8th grade, ha, NOT for Josh.  Poor guy.  I think I need to find someone to make him a t-shirt quilt and hell maybe even a jean quilt too since he is so attached.  lol.

*paint Henry's room - YIKES, still a LONG way off.  lol.

*wash/dry/put away all of Henry's clothes - waiting for a huge laundry detergent sale!!

*fix a few "spots" on the new-to-us kitchen table and chairs giving it 48 hours to dry and it should be moved into the kitchen tonight!!

*move the old set downstairs and bring in the new set - doing tonight!!


Kim Luke said...

Yay!! That is a lot done in just 1 weekend!! Good job Walters!!

And Im still cracking up about Josh's stock in jeans, white tennis shoes and colonge!!!!

Adrien said...

Baha, does he wear all of those jeans? I bet he would notice if one by one they just started to disappear, huh? Haha. I'm proud of your determination to get this list done. That's more than I would've accomplished in one weekend!

Cassie said...

He "says" he has winter jeans and summer jeans. Sure.....lol. However Levis is really good about jeans you can ship jeans back that just have normal wear and tear on them and they will send you a brand new pair back. Pretty awesome! So he now has a "pile" to send back. Ayi...

Lara Voss said...

Way to be so productive this weekend! It must be something with the name "Josh" that means "Must hold on to EVERYTHING I have ever bought!" I tried to have a yard sale once and it brought him to tears. He even had me price some jeans at $10, because they were just too nice! lol

Heather Rahn said...

Love this. Wish I was that ambitious!

Sarah@everydayeasy said...

take some pics of those accomplishments and send them to us to be a Friday Featured Follower! good job girl!