Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

What a nice weekend it was.  A bit cold, but when the sun did decide to come out, wow-wee!!
We enjoyed a nice Lenten dinner with The Jones (see if you had a blog I could tag you) on Friday at Tequila's.  Where we seemed to have ran into a good majority of the rest of my family.  My step-mom and her sister showed up, and then my Dad and my sister who was in town for the weekend showed up.  Just family every where.  Once my kid was ov-a being at a restaurant we packed up and headed home.  Where us girls dropped a bomb on the men and said, oh yeah, we are going to go to the winery.  Well, Stella thought, ha yeah right, not until you put me to sleep Momma because I'm not going to let Dad.  Which hey, I'm not complaining.  Nothing is more relaxing then a little bambino sleeping on your chest.  So once she went to sleep we joined my sisters and a few other friends at the winery.  We ALMOST closed it down, but we thought, with a pregnant chick we better move on.  So we went to the V.  Yes, this pregnant chick went to the bar.  AND it was like close to 10:00, so yes, I will STILL awake.  Crazy.  And man oh man we had a great time.  Ran into a bunch of great old friends and laughed and laughed.  I have to remember to wear my tie-dyed shirt next time though.  lol.  I did have a hard time grasping my hands around the fact that man, I am getting old.  Kids who were like freshman when I was in high school can now legally drink at the bars.  Yeah, crazy!  I mean hello, they used to be the ones sipping on Kiddie Cocktails, and now I am.  Ha, only cuz I'm prego, duh.  Otherwise me and their draft CL would have been bffs!!  Anyways, Lacie and I decided that we needed to wear our older sister's "interesting" coat.  I mean it's cute, but we all know my sister is like 97 pounds soaking wet so all decided she just needed to be a little thicker, like us, to really pull it off.  See...
Clearly, I wore it better.  Baha, kidding.  Please ignore the popped collar.  lol.  And the pale skin.  And my chubby face.  Ugh, seriously, this is gross.  Husband please, buy me a spray tan for pete's sake!!  Finally it was close to midnight and me and the kindergarten teacher decided to head back to our husbands.  Whom we had texted about an hour ago and got no response from.  So we were betting they were both passed out in the living room.  And they were.
Saturday morning we were up bright and early eating breakfast at our favorite place, CK.  How did you guess?!  lol.  After that we had errands to run and a 1st birthday party for my cousin's twin girls that afternoon.  And then finished off the day with shopping.  Where I took back all of the bedding I previously bought for Stella's room and am now on to "idea" number 3.  lol.  We will see how this goes.  Oh yeah and I got some new pillows for the couch.  And I had a HUGE come to Jesus with my dog about NOT laying on them and ruining them.  We will see how long it lasts.
I scored these babies at Bed, Bath and Beyond with my 20% off coupon and gift card.  Gotta love free pillows (well, kinda free).  We finished off the evening with Chinese food and the movie The Social Network.  No joke, awesome movie!  Totally worth the $1 at RedBox.  Here, let me tell you how good it was.  You know I was up past midnight the night before, and well, we started this movie a little after 8, I immediately thought yeah I am going to fall sleep, nada, I was glued to the TV the whole time.  Yep, straight up til almost 10:30.  Ok, MAYBE the Dilly Bar break in between helped, but no joke, good movie.  lol.
Sunday I was up early to work at CK.  Everyone coming in just kept telling us how nice it was outside.  Finally after work we got to enjoy it.  We hung out around the house and then decided to take a trip in the new truck to Lowe's for some paint.  Then finished up with a nice bar-b-que with my Mom and with Stella's new friend, a black lab named Zeus.  Man oh man, my kid LOVES dog.  I was like ok, a black lab and my 25-ish pound kid.  Not to sure about this.  Ha, well, what do you know my kid was running around with him, rolling around on the ground and just cracking up.  It was adorable!!  However, Mommy made sure she got scrubbed a little extra in the tub that night.
Does anyone elses kid think the water coming out of the faucet is the coolest thing in the world?  When I turn the water off she just looks at it like, wow, what just happened.  And then begs for me to turn it back on.  Sorry honey, water is expensive.  We can't fill and re-fill your bathtub eight times every night because you think the faucet is cool.  lol.  Hope you all had a great weekend too!!


Mr. and Mrs. W +1 said...

Sounds like a great weekend. My kid is obsessed with the water coming out of the faucet. He just runs his hands through it a million times, tries to drink from it and just watches it. He also cries when the tub is full and I turn it off. Im sure bath time will be really fun when he figures out how to turn the water back on himself. :)

Adrien said...

Evelyn loves running bath water. :) She puts a little bucket underneath the faucet to catch the water as it's coming out. Love it!

Heather Rahn said...

OMG...love those pillows. And they would match my living room perfectly! Well...kind of. With some new curtains and new lamp shades.

Cassie said...

Oohhh, good idea. I might need to get a bucket for the bath! lol.

Ha I feel ya Heather. I need new curtains like something fierce. Ahhh, someday when everything matches.....

Kim Luke said...

Love the new couch pillows!! but you forgot to tell the best thing that you bought at BBB! lol

Landon loves the running water too! I bought a mini water pail from the gardening section at wal mart for $1 and thats what Landons uses in the tub to play with the water.. even after the faucet is turned off, he can still make his own faucet! :)

LOVE Danielle's coat!!!