One of Those Days....

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

One of Those Days....

it's raining, ugh, who likes the rain?
it's also a wear my glasses kinda day.
and why do i straighten my hair on the days it rains.
guarantee it will be in a pony tail before i leave work.
i think i should just chop it off, you hear that bff, i need a hair cut.

i have a sore throat from sleeping with the windows open.
and because my husband is hot blooded (check it an see, lol).
so he thinks we need to have the ceiling fan on too.

my kid has been up since 5 a.m.
is god preparing me again for no sleep?
but why now, i still have four months to go.

today is also a leftovers day.
but for stella it will be a five pieces of cheese for dinner day.
i don't know how she still poops, she HAS to be stomped up.
maybe it's because she can go through a gallon of apple juice in a weeks time.
and she's not even home full time.  crazy!

trying to plan 8 weeks of maternity leave us hard.
especially when you only have 16 days of pto
yeah, do the math, it doesn't add up.
but i can't imagine sending a 6 week old to daycare.  no way.

an old navy package should be arriving on my door step today.
let's hope i get home before my husband does.
however, eight items should be inside.
only two are for mommy.
the rest are for the kids.
wow, saying the kids sounds so different, but a good different!!

i am pretty excited about friday.
no, i'm not off.  and yes my husband is.  not fair.
but i am treating myself to some long john silvers.
i have been good ALL lent and haven't eaten there one.
it's well overdue.  ummm, hush puppies and their slaw.  so good.

ok, i think a bread co. bagel is calling my name from the kitchen.
sorry, i'm uber boring.  what kinda of day is it for you?


Heather Rahn said...

Get some of those little pieces of crispy air for me at Long John Silvers. Haven't eaten there in FOREVER.

And I won't rub in that I'm off on Friday too.

Cassie said...

oh em gee yes. i usually go with my cousin and she always asks for extra of those. i'm like best idea ever!!
nothing like straight up fried goodness. lol.

yeah yeah - whatev.....enjoy your day off!!

Adrien said...

We're having a very lazy sort of day, just waiting for my mom to get off of work so we can head over to my parent's house before the storms are supposed to roll through!

LOVE getting packages! Half of the girls' eater basket was purchased online so I'm waiting for all of that to come in this week. (Love that you can say 'the kids' too!)

Sarah@everydayeasy said...

Girl, I'm so with ya. Hair in a ponytail because of this weird weather...slept with the window AND fan on. Tonight is a "let's go to tequilas" night because our meal plan for the week was not high on my priority list!