Back in Black

Friday, April 15, 2011

Back in Black

So you know my bedroom, yeah the one that is still not done.  That Purple Paradise of an eye sore.  Yeah, THAT one.  Well, I'm pretty sure after seeing this picture I have decided that the dresser is going to go black.  Which is good because for the past 2385298 months it's just been primered white.  AND for some reason I have like 6 cans of black spray paint in my basement.  Sooooo....this is my inspiration to hopefully get it done soon (yeah like 19 weeks soon).  Oh and I am just loving that trim around the top of the room.  Dad.....I have a project!!
Oh yeah, and that's Vicki's bedroom from the Real Housewives of Orange County.  I mean she is kinda like my favorite housewife, so it really only makes sense.  And my huge white and grey duvet and grey pillows to throw on top of my bed.  Ahhh, perfect.  Now, here's to hoping I can dig up some motivation...... or try to convince my sister who is in town this weekend to paint.  Kidding sister!!


Kim Luke said...

ugh! Vicki is my LEAST favorite housewife. Her "woohoo's" seriously annoy the shit out of me!!!!!!!! I mute the tv when I think shes going to do it! lol
however, lurve (baha store your word) the bedroom! that looks amazing!!!!!!!! I have grey walls & a white comforter and my bedroom looks NOTHING like this! lol

Heather Rahn said...

I'm with Kim. How the heck do you love Vicki?! I don't think I could NOT punch her in the forehead if she was standing right in front of me!

Kim Luke said...

bahahaha. love it Heather!!!

Cassie said...

WHAT!! No no no, I LURVE Vicki! lol.
She is doesn't give a shit about what people think and she is crazy all at the same time. She cracks me up.

Katie said...

Love the room!
Love the crown molding!
Dont love Real Housewives of anything!!!! Those shows ANNOY me.

Christine said...

I love this room! I have been wanting to paint a room gray, but haven't got to it yet. The color and design are so simple, but look good!