Confession Friday

Friday, April 15, 2011

Confession Friday

I confess that for the first time ever I got poo flung on me.  Yep.  And not even from my own kid.  We were over at the Lukes house and Landon was getting his diaper changed.  Before his Daddy had time to wrap up the diaper, he flung it across the room and the contents of the diaper went flying and hit me right on the bare skin of my foot.  I was grossed out and cracking up all at the same time.  And my super awesome bff just stood there and laughed at me freaking out by little boy poo.  I guess it's just another thing to add to my list of "Warnings About Boys" list.

I confess that I feel like a super horrible friend for not going on a bachelorette party bus this weekend.  Ugh.  I just have so many mixed feelings.  I just know myself and know that I won't "be" myself so it's best if I skip.  But drinking and a party bus just go hand in hand.  Sorry Kath, I will make sure to buy you an extra nice wedding gift.  lol.  Promise.

I confess that having close to 50 followers makes me super duper excited!  I might smell a giveaway if we reach 50 folks!!

I confess that I have bought two bedroom sets for Stella's room so far and I think I am going to end up taking them both back.  I am thinking about going along the lines of Navys and Hot Pinks.....  I'm sure it will change.  Ha, I bet it will be like four weeks before I'm due and I am just starting on painting my kids rooms.  Whoops!

I confess that I let my daughter have a drink of my McDonald's Sweet Tea and I think now she is obsessed.  Ok, not really, I think she just LOVES drinking out of a straw.  Ok, no not really, she just wants to drink whatever Mommy is drinking.  And who doesn't love little baby floaters in their drinks?!!?  Oh the joys of motherhood...

I confess that bathroom time is no longer for just myself.  Come one, come all.  In fact just the other day at the Luke's house, both Landon and Stella had to join me when I chose to use the lou.

I confess that Stella is now the proud owner of a shirt that says, "I'll trade my brother for a cupcake."  lol.  It's so cute!  And I have a feeling will be so true.

Your turn!  Have a happy Friday!!


Kim Luke said...

omg you have NO IDEA how hard I laughed at your first confession!! hahahahahahaha
sorry about that!! :) at least I sprayed air fresher before you lost your hardees! lmao!! :)

Adrien said...

Oh my gosh, Evelyn is obsessed with straws! (And I gave her some of my sweet tea at Subway last night!)

I confess that I feel like I've been overspending lately, and with Easter coming up it just keeps on comin'. It's hard to stick to an "envelope system" when you buy everything online!

Heather Rahn said... the saying on the shirt. They make them so fun these days. When my niece was born I got her a black onesie that said "This is my little black dress". I still have it.

I confess that it's not even 11:00 and I have eaten apples, grapes, yogurt, fruit loops, Fritos, and Smarties. Hello PMS.

And look...I was the third to comment. Not the first.

Katie said...

LOVE the navy and hot pink idea for Stella's big girl room!!

I confess that I told Andy earlier this week that him and I both need to stop eating fast food so much. Yesterday was my first day back to work after being sick for 2 days. I brought my lunch, but I wasnt feeling the best that morning so I didnt pack much for lunch. I was still hungry so I ran to taco bell for an amazing soft taco. I still have the bag hidden in my back seat. hahah

I confess that I stopped for Burger King breakfast this morning. I CANT STOP THE URGE FOR FAST FOOD!!! That bag is also hidden in my back seat! :) I promise I will throw them both away TODAY.

I confess that I for a split second considering never having children tuesday when I was home from work sick. My dog was driving me nuts inside outside inside outside....laying so close she is pretty much on top of me (shes 90 lbs). I thought there is no way I could be sick and have a child if Im this annoyed with my dog.

Cassie said...

Kim - I was going to put my bff laughed so hard she almost peed herself, but I didn't. lol.

Adrien - YES! I'm not the only Sweet Tea giver outer.

Heather - ha, I knew I wasn't the only one who thought that way. Serisouly I feel like the biggest creep when I comment 1st.

Katie - omg I laughed out loud at every confession. And I love how you eat like this and still weigh 90 pounds. Beeotch! lol. Ha oh and yeah, you might just wana go get your tubes tied now. lol. Either that or adopt like a 19 year old. lol.

Meagan said...

I like the navy & hot pink idea!! No one gets alone time in the bathroom in this house either...including showers!

I confess that I'm feeling really shitty today so this morning while Keegan played and watched cartoons I took an hour nap in the recliner!

I confess that I have drank 3 of Ryan's gatorades that he buys for work this week...not my fault he didn't take them with him!!