New Babies

Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Babies

So I feel like I know a ton of people who are pregnant, either with their first or second.  I don't think I know anyone pregnant with their third.  If I did, I might need to go talk to them because I am seriously considering tying my tubes.  I just can't grasp my hands around the thought of having my tubes tied at 25.  That's crazy to me.  But anyways, so lately I have come across some little things here and there that I think are worth sharing for some of the new Mommies to be.  And PS to all you soon to be new Mommies, you better post pictures and you better believe I will stalk your blog like a crazy person.  lol.  Kidding, I understand you have a new baby at home.  But please promise to not to try to forget about us!!
First off this cute cute cute little quote that I think I need to hang in my house.  LOVE it!!
So true!!  Remember all of the house work can HOLD off.  Nothing is more important than sitting there and taking in that new baby smell.  It seems to go away WAY to fast!!

And a few of these are soooooo true!!
both images via Lay Baby Lay
Yes, DO SOMETHING NORMAL.  Or something that seems normal before the baby.  Something as simple as going to see a movie or going out to eat.  You have no idea how much you will miss eating a meal with both hands.  But you will also be pretty proud of yourself for mastering the whole 'eating a meal with one hand' thing.  And yes, don't stress about getting in touch with everyone, but again at the same time, have some common courtesy.  I mean yes you are busy, but not that busy to send a text while baby is sleeping on your chest.  And of course, soak it all in, it goes by WAY to fast and before you know it baby doesn't want you to cuddle or rock.

And then we have the New Baby Visitors.  Awww, we love them.  But sometimes, its hard.  Take your time at the beginning.  Don't feel bad that you don't want visitors the day you come home.  You have to get a routine down first.  But accept the visitors.  Sometimes you just wish they "knew when to leave."  Sorry, yeah I said it.  Visitors are great, but when you are falling asleep in the chair and they still don't get the hint it's time to go, yeah, not cool.  Or when baby is crying like no bodies business and it's obvious you are stressed and they just sit there and watch you, yeah not cool.  Or when they come over and never seem to forget to mention how so and so had a cold last week.  Ummm, hello and WHY are you here?  Either that or here, let me help you with some hand sanitizer!  And then you have those really really awesome guests who bring food.  Basically almost all the way cooked dinner.  You want to sing praises to these people.  And it doesn't have to be anything spectacular, shoot, bring take out.  Regardless you rock in my book.

Oh and so then what happens if this is their second child.  Well, that's something I am going to quickly learn.  But one thing I have always heard of is when you come to see the new baby make sure you give the previous baby attention first.  Or even bring something for the older sibling so that way they feel special.  True or not, I don't know, I have yet to experience this, that's just what I have heard.

I found this article the other day.  Full of a lot of great advice for new baby visitors.  However, please, leave my toilet/bathroom alone.  That's just weird.  Oh and a good point she makes go easy on the perfume!  I remember new visitors holding Stella and then when they left I am like what is this rash on her face.  And 9 times out of 10 it was from what the person holding her was wearing.  So good thing to try to remember!!

So those are my thoughts!  Any other Mommies out there want to share their tips or advice.  Or have any horror stories of guests who came over and just stayed for hours or ended up getting everyone sick?!


Lara said...

Oh boy, the whole visitors with a new baby topic! I am almost dreading this come october. Does that sound horrible? Well, actually it was kind of horrible at times for me after I had Ty. I felt like I was juggling everything around so people could stop by at their convenience. Now people who brought over food, ANGELS!

Ashley Mitchell said...

Cassie, I am also concerned about how my son now will act with the new baby getting so much attention. I have heard the same thing abut giving him attention first or even a gift. With Zack being 4 I have explained to him that baby Mason will get lots of attention and gifts when he is born because it's his "birthday" He tells me he understands but we shall see. I'll let you know how it goes. Pray for me. He's been the baby for 4 years now.

Heather Rahn said...

Oh don't worry. Almost-Aunt Heather will make sure Zack gets plenty of attention when Mason gets here :)

Sarah@everydayeasy said...

Great post Cassie! That article is definitely a must-read for anyone in their seems like EVERYONE is having babies these days! (not us...we'll stick to the bulldog for awhile :) )