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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Love Love

Ok, so I know I said it was our four year anniversary in our house the other day, no no, totally wrong, only three years.  I get confused because there are only two days in between our house anniversary and our "dating/meeting" anniversary.  Which is crazily (kinda) the same day as Adrien's too.  Small world.  So four years ago today Josh and I met and it seems liked we moved in together the next day.  Kidding.  So if you have ever clicked on the tab Our Story, you know how it all went down and how FAST it all went down.  Whew, it's been quite the ride.  So here are just some good ole flash back pics of us.  (PS totally had to go to my old myspace to find some of these pictures, ridic!)
Baha, Josh's myspace profile picture when we met.  Nice braces baby.  lol.
This just might sum up our relationship.  Him looking at me like 'what the hell' and me just smiling pretending it's all honky dorey.
Many a drunken nights being the "kissy" couple in the back seat.  Sorry Kacie and Brent!!  lol.
Our infamous Halloween costumes.  Thanks to Chelsea for pointing out Josh looks just like the Dad from The Incredibles.
Many, many of drunken nights at Sue's!!  Again, sorry Kacie and Brent!!
Our first vacation together to Gulf Shores.
And many, many more.  Here's to more memories babe!!


Kacie said...

I have tears in my eyes from laughing..not in a bad way! I just remeber all this stuff so well! The braces...lordy! HILARIOUS! Who has that as their myspace picture..only a guy who loves bright white tennis shoes.
OH, the kissy couple! You were that alright, but I loved it! And I LOVED the Just Sues nights...oh the memories =)

Heather Rahn said...

How cute. All this kissy kissy stuff today is making me a bit nauseaus :)

Just kidding!! You guys are so cute together.

Cassie said...

Haha omg Kacie! Yes, you and Brent have been through it all. And my goal is to have the white tennies GONE before he's 30. He is pretty much in love with his new shoes that are like his bff Brents. lol.

Heather - sorry, I know. And I'm not even the lovie lovie type. Trust me if I wasn't prego I would be writing about beer. Hands down. lol. jk.

Adrien said...

That's hilarious, yay April 6th, haha. :) Josh DOES look like the dad from The Incredibles...which, coincidently, we watched on the Disney channel today. :)