Hey, It's Ok

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hey, It's Ok

....to think grown woman sometimes are just ridic.  no matter what age, sometimes they act like they are still in high school.  honey, you have 20 plus years on me.  act your age and for pete's sake, get over it.  i didn't do it, your daughter did.  i just confronted her about it.  sorry, don't mess with my sister.  and you are sitting in a salon chair while my husband, kid and i sit feet from you, yes, we CAN hear you.  we did not plan to run into you.

....to pass cars when you see the little blue taggie hanging from their rear view mirror.  sorry grams, your doctor's appointment may not be for another two hours, but I got places to be.

....to be kinda of glad that my 'hey, it's ok' post regarding peeing in the shower is no longer a top four post.  lol.  awkward......

....to drink the sweet tea from mcdonalds when your pregnant.  yes, i said it, it's ok, i'm sure my baby will be fine.

....to remember to buy your future nieces or nephews that your sisters produce cups with straws.  because the easter cup stella got might be the "cutest thing ever" but it leaks like a mo-fo and my daughter thinks it's super funny to get a bunch of the drink in her mouth and then let is slowly leak out of her mouth.  then she cries when she slips on a wet spot on the floor.  yes, i will be sending my sisters the medical bills when she falls and breaks something.  kidding.

....to be a little jealous of everyone who is enjoying today as their "friday."

....to pray that your bff has a girl.  she deserves one!!  only four more days.  and secretly pray a little harder for that girl because you would LOVE to have her sons hand me downs.  i mean he might just be the best dresser i know.

....to have nothing to wear for easter yet and it's only three days away.

....to be super excited for a night out with my bff.  i told my husband it was just a pedicure and dinner, but we have now worked in a trip to old navy and well, my nails could really use a manicure too....see you around 7:30 honey (or more like 9:00)......


Heather Rahn said...

I'm going to go click on the pee post, like 5498524 times so we can make sure its ALWAYS at the top.

Cassie said...

bahaha - nice.
every morning, ok wait tmi, when i'm "going" i always think, bahaha, i shouldn't have said that. lol. oh well, it's nice to know i'm not the only one!

Kim Luke said...

1. I still just cannot believe you pee in the shower. maybe I think its so nasty because I never ever take showers. maybe once a month. lol this momma enjoys a bubble bath, almost every night!

2. I secretly hope its a girl, but i just think its a boy. seriously. i don't know why.
but i will still go through landons clothes with you because he just has too much!!!!!!

3. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am for tonight!!!!!!!

4. I think you need to call me or text me about #1....maybe I can wait til tonight... but I'm dying to know!!!

5. I had a sweet tea, well half sweet half reg, from Arbys last week and it was AMAZING!!!!

and It's OK that you don't have a Easter outfit yet, because I still don't have one for Landon!!! whoops! good thing for our secret shopping trip tonight!!!

Adrien said...

Hehe, I still say it's okay to pee in the shower.

It's okay to think for one brief second that your husband might be leading a double life when you see lots of searches for apartments in St. Louis on the computer. Haha. I know he's not, but boy I bet my blog would get a lot more hits if he was!