Confession Friday

Friday, April 22, 2011

Confession Friday

I confess that last night I spent WAY to much money.  I had a coupon for $10 off my $50 purchase, AND a coupon for $15 off my $100 purchase, and welp, I ended up using the $15 off $100.  Ugh.  AND I ended up with more things for the kids than for myself.  Of course.  But I wouldn't have it any other way.

I confess that me and dresses just aren't friends right now.  I bet I tried on 85 last night, ok more like 4 and I just wanted to cry.  Why is everything so BIG right now.  My boobs, my butt, my stomach, and let's not even get me started on my whiteness.  And it's not a cute big.  I don't feel like I'm at that "cute pregnant" stage yet.  Ugh.  Kathy, I'm coming to your wedding wearing a trash bag.

I confess that my bff and I were for sure separated at birth.  When she says things like, "if she does that I will tie her down and shave off her hair and eyebrows," I'm reassured that yes, we were.  lol.

I confess that I did not know an 18 pack was part of hunting "gear."  My husband had to make a late night trip to the store last night to get a license to turkey hunt today.  I was told it was just for that, well when I found an empty box of an 18 pack in the recycling this morning and heard the ice machine running, well, needless to say, he was caught.

I confess that this rain can stop any time now.  No joke.  But the forecast says five straight days.  Geesh.  Where's Noah when you need him?!

I confess that I haven't showered in a few days.  Like almost going on three.  Baha.  I know, gross.

Happy Earth Day folks!  Don't forget to go to Lowe's tomorrow, they are giving away free trees.
How cool!
Now fess up and have a great weekend!!


Kim Luke said...

I love how you tell the world what I will do to people if they mess with you!! bahaha, atleast you know no one is going to take that chance!! :)

I confess that I spent $86 at Old Navy today. Good its a good thing I went back today because my original total was $126. not bad! :)

And I confess I finally found something for Landon to wear for Easter tomorrow... and I get home, and the shirt is 12-18, not 18-24 like the hanger says. grrr!! going to Fairview ON because that was the ONLY one SOCO had.

Adrien said...

I confess that we took the ghetto stroller to the Galleria today and I felt like a total scrub. Evie had a dirty face from lunch, Grace had hardened snot on her nose which she REFUSES to let me wipe without a blood curdling scream, and the weird florescent lights in the Apple Store made our clothes look like they hadn't been washed in months. It's a good thing WE know we're not bums, haha.