Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Hope everyone is dry.  Geesh, rain rain, go away.  Four days in a row.  Flash flood warnings out the wa-zoo.  Just crazy folks.  And they say when it rains on Easter Sunday it's going to rain for the next 7 Sundays.  Who in the world is excited about that?!  Man oh man.  Ok, well enough with that.  On to the weekend.
Friday night, honestly I can't remember what we did Friday night.  Oh, I was a grumpy crazy hormonal pregnant woman and so I took my frustration out on Stella's closet.  Yeah, I organized the shit out of it.  Ha.  It's bittersweet to pack up the clothes she doesn't fit into anymore.  Also sickening, to find the 1395898 outfits she wore once, or heck never even put on.  Crazy!  But I love pulling out all the cute new stuff she has!  So once that was all done and another large tote labeled 9-12 months was taken downstairs, I was a much happier camper.  Yes, I am crazy, I know.  lol.
Saturday morning Josh was up bright and early to go butcher.  Yep, good ole Bessie was going to get chopped up and made into nice little packages of hamburger.  Yum.  lol.  So while he did that Stella and I headed to Target.  This Momma saved $37 using coupons.  That's right.  Stella was wound up and being quite the funny girl on our way home.  I have mentioned before my kid has some stanky feet.  So when she was doing this in the back seat I wanted to vomit.
Baha, get it girl.  lol.  Yep, that's my baby.
She just thought it was so so funny.
love you monkey.
So when we got home the funny business continued.  I would like to take this time to thank Landon Luke for teaching my innocent little daughter to jump off things (sorry some of the pictures are dark).
1, 2, 3 JUMP.  Ha, she now says, "Gooo!" But sounds more like "doe."
Yeah, just what this 22 week pregnant mom needs, mini heart attacks.  lol.
Don't worry Sis, I will get you back.  When Daddy got home with the meat we had to go deliver some.  So when Stella fell asleep in the car I snuck in a good picture of her.
Bahahaha - mean Mom, I know.  OMG I laugh every time.
Let's just say honey, not your best look.  Love you.
Saturday night we wrapped up with dinner at Tequilas, where they ran out of high chairs.  Yeah, can I get a WTH.  Nothing is more fun then dinner with a 15 month old who doesn't have a high chair.  Who is jealous?!  So once I pretty much wore half of my meal and was worn out from what seemed like wrestling a small animal, we left and headed to Brandon and Erin's to hang out.  And to of course, see baby Lyla.  Who is getting so big.  Uh, and still has that new baby smell.  I loved it!!  Stella of course made sure she was the center of attention by flashing everyone.  Ha, I won't go there.  lol.  She just loves showing her belly off.
Sunday was of course Easter.  Stella had three dresses which of course NONE were weather appropriate.  But we made due.  She was up bright and early so of course that meant nap time would be church time.  However, thank you sweet baby Jesus my daughter slept through church.  Yes, first time like EVER.  Oh em gee I was a happy Mommy.  Not because I didn't have to partake in the Catholic exercises, but because ahhhh, I mean who doesn't love when their kid sleeps through church.  My day was off to a good start.  When we got home I tried to get a cute picture of Stella in her cute little dress.  But telling her to stand right there while I walk a couple feet back, yeah, doesn't work.  So I ended up getting this.  Which is usually close to the "I'm making you a present," pose.  lol.
Once I had my dessert made we headed to Great Grandma Walters house for lunch.  Stella napped on the way there and was ready to play.  Showing off like crazy.  She was showered with tons of gifts and all in all was a very happy baby.  We hung out there for a few hours before we had to pack up and head home to make one more dish and then head to the Steibel side.  Stella went down for about an hour nap while we were home.  PTL!  I mean I don't know what I did but God was on my side yesterday.  I couldn't thank him enough for a happier baby.  She did even better at our second family gathering.  And was again, trying to be the center of attention.  All in all we had a great holiday weekend and our kids, yes both of them, made out like bandits!


Heather Rahn said...

So cute hearing the "our kids". I swear, your daughter...she's just too much cuteness in one spot.

Katie said...

hahah sucking on stinky toes! Nice!!!
LOVE the big smile picture showing all those teeth!
Holidays seem so much more eventful when you have kids. We did absolutely nothing yesterday. I went to Wal-Mart with my mom and she picked out things to put in our Easter baskets. We both agreed that holidays will be much more fun once we have little ones running around everywhere!