I Heart Food Coupons

Friday, March 18, 2011

I Heart Food Coupons

Every Friday I wait and wait for Hip2Save.com to post their Restaurant Deals post.
Even last Friday at home sick, I could have quite possibly read the post from the bathroom, and then yes, e-mailed you Katie.  Bet you loved that.  Anyways, there are always at least ONE coupon that I end up printing off.  And usually a few that I send to some of my peeps.  So today I thought I would share the link with the rest of you fine peeps.  Unless you are a hip2save stalker like I am, then you already know the low down.

Some of these deals you are just crazy to pass up.
Like last weekend I went to lunch at TGI Friday's with two other friends of mine.  So three of us, and two of us were prego.  So let me just tell you, it wasn't no soup and salad lunch.  I'm talking appetizers, hamburgers, and pasta here people.  Anyways, we got our bill and gave our waitress our 25% off coupon, in the end each of us (including a tip) ended up paying $10 for our meal.  Wowza!  And this my friends is why I less than three coupons.  lol.  And don't think I'm afraid to whip out a coupon on date night, not ashamed one bit (only because usually I'm the only paying, fml).

So here's the link:  http://hip2save.com/2011/03/restaurant-deals-del-taco-brueggers-and-more.html
Make sure you check her site every Friday for the awesome restaurant deals.  Well hell, check her site every day for awesome deals.  This lady KNOWS her coupons and I love her for that.  It's like she does the dirty work for me, and I love that too.

Happy Weekend Restaurant Eating!  Yum!


Katie said...

FINALLY your resturant coupon secret comes out!! I think everytime we go to lunch or dinner you have a coupon. Im going to start stalking that blog. Thanks!

Heather Rahn said...

Thanks for sharing!!