Day 5: A picture of your favorite memory

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 5: A picture of your favorite memory

I have a bunch of good memories.  My wedding day, the day Stella was born, the day we bought our first house, the day we got Abbie, graduation, I could go on and on.  But memories that ALWAYS stick out in my mind are the memories of being at Grandma and Grandpa Steibel's house.  Man, I can remember doing a ton of stuff there.  Making apple butter, having a million granddaughter sleepovers, always cooking up a storm, riding the four wheelers, playing in the pastures.  You name it.
Of course, there were always pictures of all of us girls together.  Yep, it took nine of them before the 10th one was a boy.  And of course we always loved the tractors.  But only the green ones.
And just about every other year we all get together and make apple butter.  Still out of this same big black kettle and still using the same wooden stick to stir.  And EVERYONE must take their turn.
And obviously dress code is nothing to worry about.  Ha.
That's a lot of bib overalls for one picture.  lol.
Ha, to be young and wild again.  Lacie sure did love those puzzle pieces.  lol.
I can't wait to have outside picnics with my kids.  I remember we would sit out there for hours.
Of course there was some beauty salon nights.  Rollers and hairspray galore.
I think my Gma might still even use these same rollers.
Every time we made chicken and dumplings we made the dough look like a butt and said it was Uncle Tony's butt and we would all smack it.  And we would ALWAYS eat the raw dough and Gma and Gpa would tell us, our butt cheeks are gona stick together if we eat too much of that.  lol.
And they were always so awesome to us when it came to family vacation.  Disney World, Memphis, The Bahamas, etc..  Of course, as long as it had a casino, Grandpa was happy.  And a Happy Grandpa equals a Happy Trip.
I am extremely blessed to have amazing grandparents.  Still to this day, when it comes to a family function it's very rare for someone to NOT be there.  We are a tight family and I love all of the memories we have made together!


Meagan said...

love, love, love!! The memories that I have from my grandma {& grandpa} are some of my favorites too!!

Adrien said...

Love this! Great post, Cassie!

Heather Rahn said... made me want to go sleep over at my grandma and grandpas!!! What a fun family!