Bye Bye Truck and Debt

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bye Bye Truck and Debt

Minus all of the other stuff that went on last night, we did get some good news.  Josh sold his truck!!  And Dad sold his truck!  Ok, let me clear this up.  Dad needed a new truck.  Josh (ok and me) were in LOVE with his truck but really, it was more of an expensive than anything to us.  It MAYBE got drove once a week, maybe.  All we did was put gas in it and pay insurance on it.  And since we are having another baby, this truck wouldn't even work for our soon to be four family to travel anywhere.  So when Dad said he was looking for a new truck, we offered up Josh's too him.  However, he wanted to sell his old truck first.  Ok, no biggie.  But of course things like this don't happen over night.  Finally about a month and a half later he sold it last night!  Woohoo.  PTL. 
But living with a grown man, who loves to hunt and do "manly things" and now doesn't have a TRUCK it going to be hard.  However I have sweet talked him and we have made some changes.  We worked out a plan to put back money so by the end of this year Josh can be a "man" again and get himself a new'er' truck.  One that all four of us can ride in comfortably (and legally).
So now we are rolling in some hard core dough and can't wait to take it and karate chop some debt where it really counts!  No joke, this means I will officially be down to just ONE credit card and TWO student loans.  Ahhhhh!!  And Josh is giving a good chunk of his debt a round house kick to the "ain't gona happen no-moe" planet.  So excited!!  Only a few more hurdles and we will be down to just one car payment and the house payment. 
Ahhh, that would be the life. 
But for now we are gona keep on keeping on!


Katie said...

Thats AMAZING!! Ive been trying to convince Andy he doesnt need 2 cars as well. It isnt going over very well, but I keep trying. If we sold the mustang we would also have a lot of debt going bye bye. Thats very cool though that you guys get to get rid of a good chunk of debt.

Cassie said...

Ha oh Katie, it's been a long hard fight for me too. I think it works out best that my Dad has the truck because Josh knows he can still use it and drive it if need be until we get another truck. He really is only going without a truck for like 6-9 months I told him, if I can go without Coors Light for that long, he can go without a truck. Bahahaha, horrible, I know.
Good luck on trying to convince him!!

Heather Rahn said...

If you run out of debt to pay off, I'll loan you some of mine.

Meagan said...

Yay for getting rid of debt!! I don't think Ryan would ever agree to get rid of his truck, luckily it's paid off though and he rarely drives it so we don't spend too much money on gas for it.

Adrien said...

Good for you guys!! You're getting closer and closer!

Cassie said...


ha, ok Heather, I'll let you know!