Day 4: A picture of your night

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 4: A picture of your night

I thought I would save you your breakfast and just stick to a cartoon picture.  But this explains my night.  I believe what Stella had last week she has officially passed on to me. I could feel it coming on at work, but I held it out because I need to save my days for maternity leave.  Once I got home I had no appetite and wanted nothing but to take a hot bath.  My whole body ached.  Josh was a trooper and took over full Daddy duties while I soaked.  When I got out of the tub Stella was taking a nap.  Josh had a few errands to run so I told him to go get them done while she was sleeping.  Well, what do you know, no less than two minutes after he leaves Ms. Stella wakes up.  It was no biggie, she was in a good mood and was comfortable with just sitting on my lap.  So the two of us were just hanging out in the recliner, until "IT" hit me.  I put Stella down on the floor, ran to the bathroom and all hell broke loose.  So bad it even gave me a bloody nose.  So here I was, head in the toilet, bloody nose, baby crying in the living room and Daddy gone.  I made it back to the living room and called Josh asking him if he could get back to the house soon.  He said he would try his best.  I called my Mom who was gone too, but assured her Josh would be home in probably 10 minutes.  Everything calmed down and before I knew it Mom and Josh were both flying in the driveway.  Mom took Stella and I went to clean myself up.  After everything calmed down, I went to bed and that was the end of that.  I am back at work today and hoping to hold strong, but we will see.  I have had plenty of people tell me I don't look too hot, so idk.  It might be a half day.....


Katie said...

Sounds like a rough night. Hope you feel better!!