Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday was Stella's first day back at daycare since having the flu.  I took a bottle of pedialyte to daycare and told them to only give her this.  No milk.  They listened and she even ate a little bit better that day than she had in the days past.  Still had a few poopies, but that was to be expected.  We were supposed to join Josh's parents for dinner at the KC Hall for fish on Friday.  I was on the fence about going.  I just knew if we went, she would have a major blow out and if we didn't go then she would have been totally fine and I would have just had to listen to my husband complain the whole night.  So I crossed my fingers, said a little prayer and away we went.  Of course it was raining so that was no fun either.  We get there, sit down to eat and Stella is doing good.  Entertained by all the people and for some reason it must have been bring your kid to the KC Hall night because there were kids everywhere!  Anyways, after she was done eating she wanted out.  So I grabbed her out of her chair, sat her on my lap, and then.....I felt it.  A wet spot, on my pants.  Coming from Stella's pants.  I grabbed her bag and to the bathroom we went.  I caught it just in time and luckily it was just a little bit of a mess.  But it still went through her pants and mine.  We both pretty much smelt like poop.  So we went back out, both thinking, no big deal.  Stella started playing again with the kids.  No more than ten minutes later she turned around and the other side of her pants was now soiled from butt cheek to knee.  I told Josh, sorry, but we are leaving now.  I am not having my kid run around like this.  Stella and I headed to the bathroom, changed her diaper again and this time just left her pants off all together.  We wrapped her in a blanket and she left the KC Hall wearing no pants.  I know I pissed off my in-laws by not staying long enough but sorry people, I was not going to sit around smelling like poop and neither was my daughter.
Saturday morning we joined my Mom for breakfast at CK.  Stella, knock on wood, stayed "dry" the whole time.  Which was a-freaking-miracle.  However, she did spend most of her morning pantless.
We then had to run to Sparta so Josh could get his hair cut and Stella and I exchanged some stuff out at Gilks.  We got some money back on a gift card and so I bought her some stuff, all 24 months or 2T stuff.  Wow, that was crazy thinking she will soon be wearing it!!  We headed back home and stopped by Grandpa Steibel's and then before we knew it we were back at CK for lunch.  Stella of course had to have a blow out this time.  I just knew it was going to happen.  Josh had to help my Dad around the house and Stella and I had to run to meet the tax lady.  Stella needed a nap like something fierce so our long trip was going to be perfect for her!
Of course there was a huge accident in Columbia so we avoided it by taking Bluff Rd.  But on our way back, holy hell, we took Main Street through Columbia and it was stop and go the whole way.  It literally took us 30 minutes just to get through town.  And we all know how well babies do in stop and go traffic......  We finally get home and enjoy some r&r before we headed to a birthday party that evening.
Sunday I worked at CK and Stella and Daddy hung out all day.  From what I was told the two of them pretty much slept in the recliner 75% of the time.  What is wrong with this picture?  On the days when it's just me and Stella, she revolts and barely even takes an hour nap.  Come on baby, work with me here!!  Once I got home and had to wake up Stella and Daddy we headed to Target to do some shopping.  I saved $27 by using my coupons!  I was STOKED!  I love coupons!!  When we got back in town we met The Lukes at Dicarlos for dinner and then they came over for some playtime.  Landon and Stella had every toy imaginable out in record time.  Aunt Lacie came over while all of this was going on and the first thing she said was, "wow, you can tell two babies are here!"  But they had a good time and that's all that matters.  Stella was in bed around 8:00, Landon must have worn her out.
All in all it was a good weekend.  I am happy to say we are flu free!!  YAY, finally!  Hope you all had a good weekend!  Don't forget, Lent starts this week, what are you going to give up?!!?


Adrien said...

So glad Stella is on the upswing! And I hope you didn't REALLY make your in-laws mad for leaving, because that would be messed up. I would've high-tailed it out of there, too!

Cassie said...

YAY - thanks for being Team "I Smell Like Poopies, Let's Go!" lol.