No Meat, No Facebook

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

No Meat, No Facebook

Well, today is the first day of Lent folks.  Good ole Ash Wednesday.  Which means for 40 days I am going to have to give something up and not eat meat on Fridays, and go to church a lot, and do all the good Catholic things I should do.  And sing that horrible "Ashes" song in church every weekend.  My Mom said if we play that song at her funeral she will come back and haunt us.  True story.  Man I remember growing up in the Catholic school and I felt like we were in church every day during Lent.  Oh well, it was good for us, and for some reason Lent just always seems to fly by for me.
What I am not looking forward to is, no more lasagna from Zia's on Fridays.  Ugh, my mouth is watering NOW.  I mean why is it that I crave meat on days when I know I can't have it.  Like right now, I could (I mean baby could) totally go for some chicken nuggets from McDonald's.  But nope.  Maybe tomorrow.  But tomorrow I will want a fish sandwich....weird.
But what I am looking forward to is all the more reasons to get to eat at Long John Silvers.  PTL.
And as most of you know I have given up Facebook for Lent.  Oh.em.gee - noshedidn't.  Yes, yes I did.  I really just sat back and thought has my life really come down to constantly checking my Facebook?  Creeping on people's lives 24/7.  Half the people on there I feel like I know about their whole lives, but when I see them out in public it's like "I knew you kid was going to wear that before we even saw you tonight (awkward, quick find something else to talk about)."  Ya know?!?!  And I hate being like yeah, I saw that on FB.  Makes me seem like a totally creepo.  Idk.  I mean if I wasn't for it being on my phone I would hardly be on it.  When I get home from work I don't even have time to turn on the computer until close to 7:30 and we all know I am usually in bed by 8:30 or 9.  So I guess I could just give it up on my phone, but that's cheating.  And cheaters never win.  So it's gone.  As of midnight last night I'm not going to be able to find out when Jane Doe has her third child, or what Susie is going to name her second born, or when Joe Bob goes to the gym and hit his max weight, or when Stacey's baby says her first word, and I might miss out on Laurie's Pampered Chef party (I mean what happened to good ole invitations in the mail).  But you know what, I think I will survive.  So for the next forty days you might actually get a phone call from me on my home phone, or heck maybe even a hand written letter in the mail.  A what?!!?  Crazy, I know.  Because I'm going back to the days before Facebook.  Can we even remember those days?!  To the days when people I think had a little more manners.  I'm doing it old school.  Whew, here goes nothing!!


Heather Rahn said...

I love me some handwritten letters. Nothing says "I care" like taking the time out to get writers cramp.

Good luck on the whole FB thing...not sure I could do it. How sad is that?

Adrien said...

You'll have to keep us updated on if you have withdrawals or not, haha. I really don't know if I could do it!