Birthday Week - Day 4

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Birthday Week - Day 4

Well, I am super bad about keeping up with things.  Like technically the last two posts should have been Birthday Week - Day 2 and Birthday Week Day 3, but whatever, it's my blog.  IdowhatIwant.  So without further ado you are going to get a Birthday Week post with a bunch of randomness in it.

First off, Stella's 1st Birthday pictures are posted on Creative Bent's website.  Check them out!!, click on client proofing, password is: stella1
Here's a teaser of my cutie patutie:
**yes, i promise I carried this child for nine months, not my husband, seriously, freaking twins!!*
And ignore the crazy hair in the back.  Mommy needs to invest in some moouse for little miss.

So yesterday was the big birthday!!  Eeee, I officially have a toddler.  Wow.  Crazy.
Stella decided heck, I'm one year old now, IdowhatIwant, and so she slept in until about 7:15.  Thank you baby, I mean toddler!!  It was another snow day for Mommy and Daddy and it worked out great that it fell on her birthday.  (thank goodness she was born last year at this time and not this year).  Once she got up we played for awhile and then she said to us, I would really love a pancake from Country Kitchen.  Genius!!  She took the words right out of my mouth.  Now, fingers crossed CK is open.  So we called and they were and we headed on down.  Jeff makes the best "cartoon" pancakes for all the little kids and since we kind of have the hook-up at the ole CK, Stella got this prize winning pancake.
Too cute!!  So of course we tore it all up and she went to town on that baby.
Yes, there was like NO ONE there.  I think three other people.  It was one of those if you want it, get it yourself type days.  Which worked out good because two of the other three people were regulars so they didn't think anything of it!  And yes, we go to CK in our jammies.  Dad even was in his jammies, well not really, his jammies are just boxers, and well, that would be really weird, and cold.  Anyways.....
After Grandpa drove Aunt Lacie to work (who is seriously worse than a 80 year old woman when it comes to driving in bad weather) he joined us for breakfast too.  I think we literally were there for over an hour.  lol.
After breakfast we headed back home to hang out and watch TV.  We seriously didn't do much that whole day. 
Some friends and family were coming over around six for cake and ice cream.  YAY!
Stella was happy to see everyone!  She was mostly excited about her presents.
She was showered with gifts galore!  Books, movies, magnets for the fridge, clothes, jammies, a new bag, hair bows, you name it.  And this was only from four people!!
She even is now the proud owner of her own copy of......
Forest Gump!
Now, what one year old doesn't dream of getting this?!!?  lol.  It's my Dad's favorite movie (I'm pretty sure he could tell you it word for word) so it was totally appropriate and super cute.
Then it was time for the cupcake, candle and singing.  She wanted nothing to do with her cake during her 1st birthday session at CB so we thought maybe this time around it would be better.
She is saying, "you want me to touch that and get all dirty? ain't.gona.happen."
And to make matters worse she bursted into tears AFTER we sang her "Happy Birthday."
Greeaaatt!  My kid just LOVES birthday.
She was fine in a matter of minutes and back to soaking up all the attention.  All of the excitement must have had her wound up because by 9:30 she was STILL awake.  Mommy and Daddy were dragging major bootie and Stella was still going like a mad woman.  Finally by 10:00 she was sleep.  Whew.
I would say she had a very good birthday.  Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes!!
Many more monkey, many more!


Heather Rahn said...

tickticktickticktick...hear that?

tickticktickticktick...know what that is?

tickticktickticktick...that would be your daughter sending my biological clock into massive overdrive.

She is seriously the cutest thing I've ever seen...besides, of course, my niece.

Meagan said...

1. Her pictures are ADORABLE!!!

2. I'm sure jealous of the birthday pancake!

3. Keegan didn't want anything to do with his cake on his 1st bday either...he used a spoon until we forced him to use his hands!

Cassie said...

Heather - hahahahaha, I'm sure it's hard but ENJOY your freedom. I love her to death but I miss my wild and crazy days too!! But thank you!!

Meagan - yeah I am finding out more and more kids were anti bday cake too. Thank goodness. And I have to quit looking at that pancake or we will be having pancakes tonight for dinner.

Meagan said...

That was suppose to say "super jealous" not "sure jealous"!! lol

Babysteps23 said...

Awww so cute! Happy Birthday Stella!!!

Katie said...

I love the "cheese" face!! soo cute!