Confession Friday - Stella Style

Friday, February 4, 2011

Confession Friday - Stella Style

Since it's Stella's birthday week and she loves this blog, she begged me last night to let her do her very own Confession Friday.  And how can I tell her cute little face no?  So here we go, Stella Style:

I confess that my Mommy said she was going to take my binky away when I turned one so I purposely fought taking a nap on my birthday for 45 minutes.  After she gave in and gave me my binky I fell asleep in about two minutes (I love when I win!)

I confess that I tongue my dog at least once a week.  I love it when I open my mouth really wide while hugging Abbie.  And then usually her tongue licks mine.  Wanna smell my breath?

I confess that I ate chili for the first time this week and I literally pooped straight up beans for the next four diapers.  I guess they don't digest in babies.  My Mommy was gagging like crazy and it was hilarious.  No more chili for me some quite some time......

I confess that I love Yogurt Melts but I'm not really a fan of the Mixed Berry kind, so therefore I fed four to the dog this morning while Mommy was making coffee.  Hehe.

I confess that my parents need to invest in some 12 month onesies.  My Dad put me in a 9 month one the other day and I literally looked like I was going to a work out class with Jane Fonda.

I confess that I totally know that I can walk, but I am just holding out until my Aunt Danielle comes home so she can see me do it.  I think my Mom has caught me taking a few steps here and there but I hurry up and get to Point B before she starts freaking out in excitement.

I confess that I REALLY want a baby sister.  I'm sure brothers are cool, but I need someone to share clothes with, hello!!

I confess that I was over joyed with all of the FB happy birthday wishes.  I think my Mom was telling me every other minute that someone else said Happy Birthday.  Gosh, I love my life!

Well, that's enough for today.  Come on kids, I know you have been begging your parents to let you confess.  I'm sure you have some good ones hiding......  Evie?  Landon?  Keegan?  Baby Wilson?


Meagan said...

bahahaha...this post cracks me up!! I guess I will let Keegan respond this week....

I confess that even though I know that I shouldn't & it drives my mommy & daddy CRAZY I still poop in my underwear...I tell them that I won't do it again everytime but I don't really mean it!

I confess that I told my daddy that he is my best friend because I know that he is a big softy and he will let me get away with more stuff, Alijah is really my bff anyway.

I confess that I make my mommy buy me a cookie from the bakery every single time we go to my store, aka IGA, even though I usually only take a couple of bites then throw it away. She always says no at first then she gives in when I start to throw a everytime, you should really try it some time!

Cassie said...

hehe - yay!! thanks for playing along!!

ugh I am sooooo not looking foward to the poop in the underwear stage. enjoy that!

ha, and good luck with the cookie situation, sounds like he knows how to work you. lol.

Adrien said...

Hey,'s Evelyn. I confess that I'm throughly enjoying driving my mother batty by getting into the recycling a billion times today. (I just like to hear her squeal!) So glad you had a great birthday!!

Katie said...

hahahahah I loved the Jane Fonda confession! Hilarious.
Also Stella on our ride to see Tyson this weekend I will NOT be feeding you Yogurt Melts. You freaked me out last time and I refused to do it ever again! I suggest telling Mom to pack a different snack for the ride there. =)
See you Saturday!!

Cassie said...

Yay thanks for playing along!!

Ha, ok Katie, but I really freaking love them. We will go to the store tonight and see what else we can find!