New Addition

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Addition

So I told you all awhile back that I had some exciting news to share but that it had a wait a few more days, well folks, the time has come.  And for all of you who thought I was pregnant, nope, I'm not.  Even had doc check on Thursday when I went.  lol.  Ok so let's just bring you all up to speed first.
Eric is Josh's brother.  Him and Erica have been dating since like 2nd grade I think.  lol.  Just kidding, like 7th or 8th grade.  Anyways, yes that's right Eric and Erica, like Michael and Michelle.  But they are SUPER cute so the whole name thing makes it even cuter.  Like a modern day Barbie and Ken.  Blonde bombshell and macho man.  No joke.  Love it!  And even crazier, Erica and I went to preschool together, we were like total bffs.  Small world huh?  So anyways, one sunny day in April when I walked into the Walters lives it was kind of cool how we used to be joined at the hip in preschool and now possibly someday we could be sister-in-laws.  Well, Josh and I's relationship didn't really ever go "slow."  We signed a contract on our home two days before our one year anniversary of dating.  WHAT!!!  Yes, crazy.  Got engaged in August, found out we were pregnant that following July and kept on with the wedding plans for September, and hello February and Ms. Stella.  Whew, our lives in a nutshell, crazy.  Anyways then here is E&E dating for 13958 years and Josh and Cassie get together and wham bam thank you mama.  CRAZY!  lol.  So E&E got engaged just a few short weeks after us and married just four weeks before us.  Talk about a lot going on people!!  But nonetheless it was a fun ride and I wouldn't have had it any other way.
Anyways, so here they are married for a little over a year.  We get a call a few weeks back from Eric asking to gather round the phone him and Erica had something they wanted to tell us.  Well, we didn't really gather, I was laying in bed with Stella on my chest and I kind of gave Josh the look like if you are gona make me move I'm gona be pissed, so you just bring the phone over here.  lol.  So kind aren't I?  Josh put his hand over the phone and said, "I bet they are pregnant."  "Eeeeee, I hope so too" is all I could think!  Low and behold, they are!!  Ahhh, I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooo freaking excited!
I'm going to be an Aunt!!!!
Stella is going to have a cousin!!
Just a few things that I am thinking about.....
Of course the obvious, boy or girl, boy or girl?!!?  I would love a girl cousin for Stella so that they can bond and play Barbie's and dress up, but I think a boy cousin for her to get dirty with would be awesome too!!
I wonder how much they will look alike.  I mean we all know Stella practically fell outa her Daddy's behind, wonder if Baby W will too?  But then again Josh and Eric don't look much alike so idk...
I can't wait to watch Stella hold and love on her first cousin (of course with Mommy helping, geesh she will only be 18 months) and getting that picture.  A picture that will be treasured for a long time.
I can't wait to take trips together!! The zoo, family vacations, etc.  A whole new world!!
Something about getting to hand back over the baby when he/she fusses, poops or needs to eat...ahhhh.
That new baby smell. Nuf said.
I'm excited to watch E&E turn into Mom and Dad.  Not that I am a Mom expert or anything, but you know it's pretty awesome to watch how quickly a person matures, it's quite surreal actually.
To be able to bond with my sister-in-law on a whole new level. I have nothing but praise for her as a person, but as you fellow moms know, there is something about being a mom that instantly bonds you with other moms.
And all the years ahead of me in which I will spoil the heck out of this kid.  Isn’t that what being an aunt is all about?


Julia said...

YAY!!! That is exciting news!! Being an aunt is great:) Tell them I said congratulations!!!


Heather Rahn said...

Aww congrats girl!! I LOVE being an aunt. Nothing like spoiling the crap out of someone elses kid!!