CK Special Ideas

Monday, December 13, 2010

CK Special Ideas

So not sure how many people out there who read my blog actually eat at Dave and Joyce's Country Kitchen.  If you do, awesome, if you don't, you should eat there more, and if you hate it, well, you must be a picky eater cuz it's some good stuff.  I started working there when I was 15 as a dishwasher and Kim will tell you, I cried my first day there.  Who would have thought nine years later that I still dedicate at least a couple days a month to the place.  What can I say, I love it and the whole family has become family to me.  Anyways, we (like I own the place or something) are thinking about starting to have breakfast specials on Saturdays.  Any ideas on what you would like to see and the prices you would buy them at?
Here are two we have in mind:
1 Pancake
2 Eggs (however you would like them cooked)
Sausage, Bacon OR Regular Ham
All for $4.95
Or if you want to get Country Ham instead, it's $5.10. 
(Country Ham is a lot more expensive, but oh so good!!)
Small Biscuit and Gravy
American Fries (plain or with onions)
2 Eggs (however you would like them cooked)
All for $5.25
Or if you want gravy on top of your American Fries it will be $5.35.

We thought to maybe run one special one weekend and the other special the other weekend.  Or should we run both specials at the same time?  Help!  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Meagan said...

I could totally go for some biscuits & gravy with american fries right now!! I would totally get that special with the two eggs!!

Erin said...

I think would want the first one but with no meat and add american fries. price is good. we eat at the farmers table a LOT and that's about what it is there.

Pettijohn said...

I love the idea of both and the price is not expensive at all. I love Country Kitchens, Vince and I just have a tight budget right now.

Cassie said...

Awesome, thanks guys!!

Heather Rahn said...

Now that I am craving biscuits & gravy...thanks for that. My Spaghetti-O's are going to taste FANTASTIC for lunch.