Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I just HAVE to tell you about this blog that I stalk.  No joke, stalk.  I freaking love it.  I feel like if we met on the street I would be like, hey guys and call them all by name.  Baha, horrible I know.  But anyways, they are super duper talented and I am telling you to start blog-stalking them right now because they are about to do something BIG!
We are talking about Young House Love here people. 
**Fair warning though, one click and you will be addicted.** 
Litney, I'm talking to you.  This may be the PERFECT blog for you right now with your new house.  And if you don't have a home that you are planning on doing some renovations to, this will make you want to jump on the buyer wagon and get you one.
Their most recent post shows you what they have all done to their first home.  Cauutte!  Sadly, they just bought their second home and packed everything up to move there.  But don't fret, they are going to bring us all along for the ride and I can't wait!!
Happy Blog-Stalking!

Maybe while we are at it I will tell you about some other blogs I stalk.  Yes, stalk.  Most of them I am a closet follower.  I don't comment much, just creep the hell outa their pages.  Some I just enjoy the pictures, some I envy their projects, some I print out and take home and tell my husband "let's so do this!" only for him to look at me like a crazy woman.  Oh well.....
So let's see here.....
We will start with people I actually know first.
Of course my BFFs, The Lukes.  She may slack on her blog posts, but I don't hold it against her.  I just love that little Landon like crazy and you too Kim, even if you did write b***h on that one picture of me in 8th grade.  lol.
Then there are The Robert's.  Well, mostly Adrien.  I envy her for having a 15 month old and a newborn.  No joke.  And I envy her amazing writing skills.  It's always a good little blog to read first thing in the morning.
The Pflueger's, I don't actually "know" them, we live in the same town, go to the same church, our kids go to the same daycare, you get it.  We are more like acquaintances.  lol.  She mostly blogs about her cute little boy, her slight obsession with McDonald's (cracks me up), and things she loves.
This girl just cracks my shit up.  Heather Rahn.  Sometimes she takes the words right outa my mouth.  She works with my step Mom, I don't think I have ever seen her in person, but oh well, it feels like I know her.  lol.
Craig and Litney have done some amazing work to their home.  Like no joke, worked their tails off.  So far it looks amazing and I can't wait to see what else they tackle.  Keep up the good work!
And if you are looking for some invitations, save the dates, business cards, albums, etc. here is your hook up.  Alyssa has some amazing talent.  She will not disappoint you, that's for sure! 

So now let's move on to total strangers.
Four Little Men and Girly Twins  This woman takes some amazing pictures.  Makes me wana get an awesome camera,  move far, far into the country and live off the land.  I love it.
Oh Happy Miracle What a woman!!  She has battled with fertility problems for about two years and just recently found out she is pregnant.  I don't even know her and I am over the moon excited for her.  I love watching her progress.
One of my favs, Better After.  Because I mean come on, who doesn't love seeing before and after redos?!
The Thrifty Decor Chick.  Because she is thrifty and has some caauute decor.  I wish I had her kitchen!!
And Bower Power.  There little guy is so cute, the Momma is hilarious, I love that she calls her husband her boyfriend and she has great taste!
There are secretly about ten more but I am too embarrassed to tell you guys that I blog-stalk that many blogs.

What else is out there that I am missing?  I would really love to find me a good Dave Ramsey blog or two.  I need some daily inspiration.  Or just some good daily laughs!  Sharing is caring people......


Heather Rahn said...

Are you stalking that one that I stalk...the Calling People Names one? Every one of her posts I read, I laugh at. I love hers so much that I started reading the beginning of her archives and I am working my way through til the end. And she talks about sex. A LOT.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of blog stalking... I am guilty. I have been wanting to start a blog ever since my son was born (reading other's blogs are my motivation)
Anyways, I somehow came across your blog a few weeks back and I just LOVE it. Your daughter is beautiful and I find myself in similar situations and wondering/thinking the same things all the time. I love reading about how other young new moms balance being a wife, mom, a house, and working. Sorry for being a creep. lol.

Adrien said...

I so used to read that blog! Why did I stop? I have no clue. I must resubscribe to it. And I have thought of doing a similar post like this so many times...I should just link everyone up to yours, haha. I just love blog stalking. In fact, my next post up is an encouragement for people to start a blog of their own! (You I have more blogs to stalk.)

Craig and Litney said...

thanks for the heads up cass! it looks like they have a little bit larger of a budget than craig and i, :) haha but they do awesome work! i will definitely keep up with these guys. now, how do i follow younghouselove? is it even a blog? i want to comment on it to try and win that tile saw for craig lol, he wants to buy one but they are expensive. but i can't find out how to follow them or comment on their stuff. i am dumb at this stuff i tell ya!

Kim Luke said...

omg, cracking up!!!! Sorry for writing b***h on your picture in 8th grade! Guess thats why were best friends, cuz im a B***H too! lol