Will You?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Will You?

No funny girl post today.  We have had quite the rough weekend with the passing of my husband's cousin.  They were really good friends, he was even in our wedding.  26 years old.  Just all around such a good guy.  Would do anything for anybody, went out of his way to say hello, had a great attitude and outlook on life, he will be missed by so many people.  The boys were always together for deer season and so with this all happening this weekend deer season has been extremely different.  It's so hard to see a group of guys cry, walk around with frowns, and not even have a want to go out and enjoy their passion of hunting.  He will definitely be missed by many.
This young man however, was not married but had a girlfriend whom lived with him.  He owned his own home, camper, some other toys and assets.  One thing he did not have, a will.  I will admit, when I think of will's I think of old people who have tons of money and tons of property or a business.  I think of knowing that within the next ten years or so you are going to die.  I don't think of being 24 years old and having a will.  But boy am I out of the loop.  No matter if you are a single person who owns a handful of things, or married or not married with a child, you NEED a will.  If not, the only person who has ANY say in where your stuff, your children, your money goes is the STATE.  Not cool.  Yeah you think Momma is a tough one, sorry Momma, the state over rules, end of story.  Could you imagine dying, not having a will and the state saying, sorry but your daughter can't live with Grandma, we think she needs to go elsewhere.  Oh.emm.gee.  No way.  Having a will can save your family so much drama.  Unfortunately some people can't think of death as a sad thing, some people see it as, oh how much money can I get?  But if you have a will that person will quickly find out if he/she is entitled to an antique coaster or a nice chunk of change.
Yes this can get costly.  Depending on how much you own or how many children you have.  If you are middle class with a home, and a child you are looking at around $500.  But nothing in life is guaranteed, so this $500 will be well worth it.  Obviously the older you get and the more you begin to own this will have to be updated for a charge, but it's a start.
I don't mean to be all sappy on you all today but Josh and I first learned about the importance of wills in our Dave Ramsey class and it was such an eye opener to us.  I will admit, it's NOTHING that we have started, slap our hands, but it's something that has quickly moved to the top and needs to be done pronto.  Like I said, nothing in life is guaranteed, and everyone likes to be in charge.  Just make sure when it's your turn, you have something there to tell everyone who is in charge.


Heather Rahn said...

So sorry to hear about your loss girl. It's so tough when you lose someone that is so young and so close to you. Keep your head up!

Adrien said...

So sorry to hear about this, Cassie. :( But yes, it's so important for young people to get their affairs in order with Wills and Life Insurance. It is a gift you leave behind for those you love so that in their moment of grief, they don't have to deal with a huge mess. Praying for you guys!

Cassie said...

Thank you both.