Tis' The Season

Friday, November 19, 2010

Tis' The Season

I promise this is NOT another Christmas post (your welcome Heather).
It's official, shot gun season has begun.
I will be a widow ALL weekend long.
I'm sure if you work in an office in a small town, not many men are there today.  Which we women are NOT complaining about.  Heck even my sister's boyfriend who goes to school in Carbondale has the day off for "Whitetail Control Day."  Really?  Only in Southern Illinois is this considered an excused absence.  lol.
Shoot some people even plan their weddings around deer season.
Daughter - We are thinking about getting married in November.
Dad - well, deer season is the weekend before Thanksgiving, so you can't do that weekend.
No joke.  I know some families who have said this.
I have no problem with deer hunting.  I love me some deer meat and some smoked deer sausage, but it just isn't for me.  No thanks, I will stay at home in my warm bed.
However, I do have a problem with things like this:
Look people, I know the economy sucks and maybe you had to sell your F-150 to pay the bills, but your wife doesn't like the fact that you strapped your deer to her Taurus and put it in the trunk.  And people who are following you home from work, don't really like it either.  And where are you taking this to?  Your house, in town, to hang in the garage and "clean up?"  Ugh, so glad I'm not your neighbor.
Seriously, no joke, saw a guy driving a Taurus through Waterloo yesterday with his trunk wide open and a deer just chillin in the trunk like he picked up a hitch-hiker.  Thank goodness I was going the opposite way.
Regardless, it makes the men happy and proud.  So us women just have to stand back, take their picture, pray they don't ask for it to be hung in the living room, and tell them they did a great job.
Now, how many more days until hunting season is over.......


Meagan said...

I am sooo happy Ryan isn't a hunter!!

Heather Rahn said...

I have taken a vow to never date or marry a deer hunter. It's on the application.

It's like a ghost town here. I miss the days of high school...the boys would all be excused for deer season, which pissed my mom off, so she would excuse me and my sister and take us shopping. Ahhh...the good ole days..

Beth said...

LOL, That's why some of my relatives didn't show up to Kelly's wedding! They are serious about this stuff! I can't believe you actually saw that car in Waterloo, that is just crazy!