That's Old News

Thursday, November 18, 2010

That's Old News

So today as you were driving to work you probably saw some old dude wearing a blue apron, running through traffic, trying to sell newspapers.  Your first thought I'm sure was, what is this old geezer doing?  It's freezing out here!  Then you get to the next stop light, you see more old geezers.  You quickly start to look for your Grandpa; and hey, some of you may find him.  (Not me, he's stuck at home recovering from surgery with a tube in his you know what and a bag glued to his side, ugh, gotta love getting old.)  Anyways, on to my story.  I promise you these people aren't crazy, they actually are pretty awesome people doing a really great thing!  Today is Old Newsboys Day.  I have know about this day for awhile, but I have never bought a paper because truthfully I was like where does this money even go to?  Do they just go and enjoy some coffee afterwards and reminisce, or does this just pay for next year's newspaper?  I had no idea.  But my trusty weatherman/trafficman friend, Scott Connell, reminded me that today was going to be Old Newsboys day (so pay attention to the old geezers running through traffic) and to remember to donate and grab yourself a paper, all of the proceeds go to local children's organizations.  Ok, I quickly ate all of my words and told myself, "how could I not give these guys a dollar or two."  So this morning (after running really late AND having to fly back down my street to grab my laptop) I bought my very first Old Newsboy Paper.  Yes, chalk another one up for my straight shot to heaven.  lol.  Just kidding.  So I get it and I think ok, is this just the normal paper but instead of getting it in the mail you can buy it on the street corner from a friendly old man instead?  Nope.  Not at all.  Every article is written by a local high school student and every article highlights regional charities that benefit from Old Newsboys Day.  Great, so a paper that is just going make be bawl like a baby while I read the whole thing.  Like the winning article for the front page is about families from a local school who host children brought to St. Louis for medical care.  How awesome are those people?!!  Dude, they get like ten chalks up on their ticket.  I haven't gotten the chance to sit down and read much of the paper yet but I for sure will tonight (after I catch up on the NCN gossip and read TLC, ha).  I hope some of you out there bought yourself an Old Newsboys paper this morning and if not, I hope you do next  year.  It's always on the Thursday before Thanksgiving and for a great cause!


Beth said...

The only thing I'll add is that they maybe need to consider changing the color of their aprons to neon yellow. Tom said he saw one almost get hit because It was dark when he goes to work and you could hardly see them!