Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

We did have a few high lights to our weekend.  Friday night Kim and Landon came down.  We went and had some DiCarlos and continued working on Landon and Stella's wedding plans and then we went to Red Bud's first annual light parade.  Oh.em.gee, it was super cool!  Such a great turn out and way more floats that I expected.  I hope they do it next year!!  Saturday morning we got the news about Corey.  I had to work at CK, but it was slow so I came home around 1:30.  Stella and I were going to go to church since Josh was with his friends.  I was finishing up cleaning some things in the kitchen and I walked into the living room only to find a little brown stain on Stella's backside.  Yep, poopies, everywhere.  So instead of changing for church, Stella headed straight to the tub. 
"oh you wanted to go to church mommy?  whoops, sorry."
I love how things can't go as planned when you have a baby. 
Erin came by to hang out and Stella gave her a dose of what is to come for her in just 3 short months!  Wow-wee was Ms. Stella ever so cranky.  I had no idea what her deal was but lordy, it took everything in my power not to go open a bottle of wine and stick a straw right in it.  Geez.  Finally I told Erin I'm sorry I have no idea what else to do nothing is making her happy.  I felt horrible but I was about to lose it.  We tried laying, rocking, sitting, standing, playing, bouncing, eating, everything, NOTHING helped.  I ever took her for a car ride.  Nada, bawled the whole ride.  FINALLY she fell asleep.  I didn't care if I froze to death, she was sleeping in my arms and I wasn't going to move a muscle!
Sunday we were up ever so early, thanks again baby!  Josh still wasn't in the mood to do anything.  Stella and I decided we were going to take a trip to Target and then stop by up town for all of the holiday festivities.  She did pretty good but was getting fussy.  When we got back home she played.  I love watching her play with Abbie.  She loves her so much and Abbie is so good with Stella.
They sat and watched the neighbors rake leaves.
Stella even thought it would be fun to try and mount Abbie.
She didn't have much luck but it was so cute to watch!  Abbie just stood there like, come on girl, get on!  lol.
But of course angel Stella only lasted for about an hour and it was back to crying super fussy and oh so fun baby.  I had every intention of going on the Christmas walk, but well, like I said, things don't always go as planned when you have a baby.  And we ended up staying at home.  I was trying to take a picture of the fussy baby and send it to my Mom and sister with the caption, 'come join in on the fun.'  Of course when I went to take her picture this is the face she made for me:
Oh yes, that would be a smile.  Little.stink.butt!  lol.  Of course we would smile for the camera.  But once the camera went away it was back to being crazy crabby girl again.  Oh well. I decided to just let Stella play in the tub because she LOVES taking a bath.  Her hair has been growing like crazy lately so it was time for some pay back.  After her bath Mommy decided to style Ms. Stella's hair.
Ha, that look is priceless.  Take that baby!  lol.  Love you monkey. 
After a long battle of fighting sleep she FINALLY went to bed around 9:00.  But never fear, back up around 10:30 and we fought it until midnight.  Of course Daddy has the get out of jail free car right now and I feel bad making him get up with her even when it's his night, so I sucked it up and enjoyed our 2 hour party, right Stel?  Oh the things we do.  I am getting pretty used to only four or five hours of sleep a night.  Anyone wana babysit?!?


Meagan said...

Maybe the teachers at dyc are slipping something to the kids because Keegan hasn't been sleeping good either. Last night was the first night in a week that he didn't wake up in the middle of the night!!

Cassie said...

Ahhhhh - it must be! Ugh, and I was going to get them a little Thanksgiving treat. Not now! lol. Just kidding. It's just been horrible!!

Kim Luke said...

I want to babysit!!!!! :)