Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Ugh, I officially need to tell you all to NEVER ever name your child Cassie. 
(Sorry Mom, I do love my name but sometimes I just wana change it!) 
Seriously, she will never be Cassie.  She will be Cathy, and I love when they ask, is that with a C or a K.  And then I take a deep breath and starting saying, no it's Cassie - C.A.S.S.I.E.  Then there's a long pause on the other end, only for them to say, oh, Caaaaasssiiiee.  Ugh, yes.  What did you not get about it the first 4 times I said it!?!?  I think when I call I might just start saying, "Hi, this is Caaaasssiiieee Walter."  Then maybe they will get it.  Ugh. 
I think my favorite one that I have heard though is 'Jackie'.  How they got Jackie out of Cassie, I have no idea.  I was calling our local State Farm agent.  Some new gal must have answered the phone and I said, "Hi this is Cassie Walter.  I got a chip in my windshield this morning and I want to know what my insurance does about fixing it."  She replied with "Ok Jackie but I can't seem to find your policy in our system."  It took everything in my power to say well maybe because my name isn't JACKIE you broad.  I just said, 'it's Cassie Walter'.  She paused and said, "Umm, I can't seem to find it, this is State Farm, are you sure you don't have a different insurance company?"  Wrong answer lady.  I took a deep breath and said, "My name is Cassie - C.A.S.S.I.E. Walter - W.A.L.T.E.R."  There was a LOOOONNNGGG pause this time, I think it's because when she finally typed my name in right and saw that we pay State Farm a nice chunk of change every single month for three vehicles, a house, three life insurance policies and ring insurance she thought to herself, "Oh shit, I hope I didn't blow it and we lose this client."  She was quick with a change of voice into a nice chipper, "Oh here you are Mrs. Walter, and it looks like we can take care of that windshield for you!"  Baha, well that's awesome, only took 15 minutes for you to tell me that.  I'm sure the next time I call she will know who I am.
Anyways, I know it's not just Cassie, there are plenty of names out there that people mess up all of the time but ugh, I just wish ONE TIME when I called someone they replied with, 'Ok Cassie we can do that for you.'  I mean it happens, like once in a blue moon, but NOT too often.  Even when I call places in town and people who know me and I know them answer and they say Cathy (and you can totally hear them questioning themselves) and I repeat, 'Cassssiiie', then they say "Oh Cassie, hey, how are you?"
I even tried naming my daughter something no one can f-up.  But leave it to some young, dumb, broad at her doctor's office to say, Steel-la.  Like really?  I looked at this chick with a 'WTF' look on my face and said, 'it's Stella.'  Luckily she has been the ONLY person to mess it up.  But I'm pretty sure my next child will be Jane, or maybe Sue, geez.


Heather Rahn said...

I think you should name your next one Heather. Totally impossible to screw up.

Meagan said...

I got called Pam the other day on the phone after I said "Stumpf Homes this is Meagan"...totally don't get it! And at least your name is spelled one ever spells my name right, even some of my own family doesn't know how to spell it yet and I'm almost 26. And poor Keegan gets the same thing, everything thinks his name is spelled Keagan...drives me crazy!

Cassie said...

Well, Heather is kinda out since I have a step-sister Heather, sorry. However, I'm sure she would be up to sharing her name. lol.

Pam? Where you like, WTH? Crazy. I have to admit, I double check over your name every time I spell it. I have a cousin who spells her name Megan so that's always how I want to spell it.

Anonymous said...

People always mess up spelling my name. Treena, Treina, Trena, Terena many other ways i am sure! But none of those are right it is TRINA! That is also the reason i named my daughter Kayla you can spell that any different. At least i dont think you can. I am sure someone some day will prove me wrong!

Anonymous said...

So I will say, it's just not with a first name either, Schmitz and Eschmann, seriously are never pronounced correctly or spelled correctly. And I agree I still have family who calls me Jessi which is fine but spell it correctly, hello it's JessI not Jessie!! And yeah we tried going simple with Ali as well, and yeah everyone is oh you mean Allison, hell no did you hear me say Allison, I hate the name Allison, and no one ever spells Ali's name correctly either. It pisses me off, and I do pitch a fit about it most of the time. Yep, I'm that woman who you don't want to get a lecture from about not knowing how to pronounce or spell a name. :)

Craig and Litney said...

um i know exactly what you mean... i am britney, whitney, lindsey, and then even after i spell my name they are like "oh. oh? litney? ok? thats different!" yeah no kidding! haha

Beth said...

I thought going from a Deterding (always mispronounced Dee-ter-ding) to Ervin would be a piece of cake for people. I mean come on, but alas, we are misspelled and mispronounced even more than Deterding was. Erwin, Erving, Irwin, Irvin, Irwing. I'm like you and anytime I have to call somewhere and give my name I have to say, "This is Beth Ervin, E-R-V as in Victor-I-N. I almost think that the phone system needs to be revamped or something to make our voices sound clearer. Oh well.

Christine Pettijohn said...

Vince and I know what you mean. Our last name is Pettijohn and we ghave got mail several times with John Petty on it, totally leave off the first name. Makes me made every time!