Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Come Monday, it'll be alright
Come Monday, I'll be holding you tight
I spent four lonely days in a brown LA haze
And I just want you back by my side....
Ok, ok, enough Jimmy Buffet, on to the weekend. 
Friday was girls night out, I was stoked.  I put Stella to bed before I left to go out, which was perfect because I love putting her to bed  Just something about that feeling of a little baby snuggled up against you, ahhh, I love it.  So everyone met at my house and we headed to the winery.  P.S.  I love the Red Bud winery.  At times I do believe it's a bit redneck, I have no idea WHO hangs their Christmas lights, but that's for a different day.  It has amazing wine and amazing food.  I love being from a small town and I do enjoy the small town atmosphere, but sometimes the small town people drive me nutso!!  I hope I am never that person who is so small minded, never got out of town to make something of myself, and even if I am over the age of 50, act like I am a 17 year old high schooler.  But again, that's small towns for you.  So the four of us walk into the winery only to be greeted by the glares of three well know Red Bud women, who have obviously been drinking since they got off of their same job they have had since they were 20.  I think one of the ladies came super close to breaking her neck.  I mean are you serious, stare a little harder, I don't think you got a good enough look.  When they finally were "done" they quickly threw their heads together to start whispering.  Really?!!?  Wow.  I quickly had to check my shirt for some baby barf or something, I mean what else did these ladies have to stare at?!!  Oh, that's right, they are small-minded, small-town people.  The 3 hours of drinking whispers aren't really as quiet as they thought they were.  But whatever.  The four of us, let me remind you 23/24 year olds just had to look at these grown women like "wow, I hope that's never me."  I know at times I complain about my drive to work, but I thank God I have the privilege to get out of town, meet new people, learn new ways and different cultures and I am not stuck in this realm every.single.day.  Anyways, we enjoyed our meal and wine and decided that we were going to hit every bar in Red Bud, buy a drink and a shot.  Yep, Willie's, The Office, Sporto's, The Silver Spur, and The V.  I had never been to Willie's, so I was a bit nervous.  I probably should have been packin'.  And just a side note, if you go to Willie's do not play an Eninem song on the jukebox.  It's seriously means for a brawl.  Thank goodness we are girls.  Anyways, we ventured on and were having a good time.  But truthfully, there is just something about belly-ing up to a bar that just doesn't do it for me.  I just sat back and looked at the people in there and thought wow, you do this every single weekend.  No.thank.you.  Of course the last bar brought on girl drama and the night ended up a total chick fight.  Yes, I said we were 23/24 year olds, you would think this stupid shit would pass.  But whatever.  I said f-it and called a ride to come get me.  I woke up that next morning telling myself, I don't ever have to do that again.  I will stick to hanging out with other Mom's who know that having a few drinks and causal conversation then heading home at a decent time to your family is totally acceptable, then dealing with some people who don't get that at all and have to get shit faced every time they are out.  Maybe it's me growing up, but I do not and will not pass up a day with my little girl and my husband to be surrounded by pitily drama.
So on to Saturday.  Kim and Landon and Stella and I enjoyed a nice breakfast at Country Kitchen.  Yes, I do believe that 25% of my earnings go back to that place, lol.  Everyone asked what we were doing up so early eating breakfast.  Ok, first off, we have babies, and second off, planning their wedding, DUH!  Ha, just kidding.  Stella enjoyed her first pancake.  She did good eating it!!  Ahh, it makes life so much easier when they start eating table food and you don't have to pack half of the fridge to go out.  After breakfast we came home and got cleaned up.  Katie was coming over and the three of us were traveling to Advance, MO to see The Limbaughs.  No, not Rush Limbaugh, but they are distantly related.  lol.  Stella did pretty good on the way down.  Katie did have to climb in the back to keep her entertained for awhile.  We stayed and hung out with everyone for about 3 hours.  Stella was getting fussy and I knew she would be falling asleep soon.  It's much easier to drive an hour and a half home with a sleeping baby, than a wide awake one.  So we packed up the car and headed back.  She was sleeping in ten minutes.  Whew!  Once we got home we got to chill for about an hour and then headed to have dinner with Kacie and Brent at South Side.  Stella wasn't the most cooperative person, but she did ok.  Have you ever realized that once you are a Mom and out to eat, you only order things off the menu you know that you can eat with just one hand.  Like steaks, out of the question, I would have to use both hands and we all know that just ain't gona work.  But you Dad, you go ahead and enjoy that nice slab of ribs....... Oh Daddy's, some day they will get it.  Kacie and Brent are so good with Stella and I just love it.  They were so much help when Stella wanted nothing to do with sitting in her chair or being on someones lap sitting still.  We appreciate and love how much they care about Stella and every thing that they do with and for her.  It's so good to see it!!
Sunday I worked at CK but had to leave early for a baby shower.  Aunt Danielle came home for it too so we all met up and headed to Rocher.  Kelly made out like a bandit.  Now if she would just find out what she was having!!  I think it's going to be a girl.  I think she think it's going to be a boy.  But well, the Steibel's only have girls, so that little fishy would have had to of swam really hard if it's a boy.  But we will see come January!!  We then stopped by Gma and Gpa's house to see how Gpa was doing after his surgery.  When we headed back to town we met Mom and enjoyed dinner at DiCarlos.  Yes, we eat out on the weekends A LOT.  lol.  Whew, well, I think that's it.


Kim Luke said...

love this post! friday was fun, until the V. gotta make the best out of every bad situation i guess.
thanks again to lacie for coming to save us!! AND thank you sooo much for taking me home! never again will i leave my car at home on a girls night out! lol we should stick to our mommies days out. we're better off!
ps. landon said he will share his panny cakes anytime! haha, still cracking up!

Kacie said...

If you stick to a mommies day out can this "aunt" join you...I am not a mommy:(
Also, I really like this post too! I love Stella so much! :)