It's Time To Confess

Friday, November 12, 2010

It's Time To Confess

First off, I would like to confess that this is NOT a priest in a box.  Let's just make that clear to some people.  Your confessions are safe with me and well, the rest of the cyber world.  No biggie.  Let's just hope no one reading this works at Target, right Erin?  bahahaha.

I confess that I have eaten at a fast food restaurant WAY to many times in the past week.  Sick, I know.  Friday I worked though lunch and left at 12.  So of course I went and got a McChicken from McDonald's.  And I wasn't feeling to well so a sprite too.  Well, the McChicken I ever so kindly left in the Target parking lot, TMI, I know.  Saturday morning I thought I was feeling better so back to the old Mc I went and got another sprite and a Sausage and Cheese Biscuit.  Two bites into that crap and into the trash it went.  Monday on my way to work I got a Sweet Tea, because the two cups of coffee weren't helping since I had been up since 4 a.m. with Ms. Non-Time-Change-Adjuster.  Wednesday was my birthday and so we got Dairy Queen because who wants to cook on their birthday?!?!  And yesterday morning I grabbed myself ANOTHER Sweet Tea on the way to work.  Yikes!

I confess that I feel like I know 4684938 people who are prego!!  Kinda getting the fever again, kinda not.....we will have to wait and see.  Rumor has it there is some twin water running through a town near by.  Remind me to take every single detour possible to by-pass that town.  God knows better than to do that to me.
I confess that for my birthday my sister got me these black boots from Target.  Let's just say, I think they look much better on other people than they do on me.  I just can't pull them off.  Even with my jeggings, and it drives me crazy!!  I want to be able to pull them off!  Maybe I should have got brown, idk.  Either way, I am super bummed. 
I confess that I am evil.  Bahaha.  So Josh has been growing out his manly man hunting beard for a good couple of weeks now.  It's, whatever.  The beard doesn't really bother me, but it's not my favorite thing in the whole entire world.  I don't care that he sports it in the "hunting season" time, but it's a no-go for the rest of the year in my eyes.  But the other day he came home and told me that on Thursday (yes, the DAY BEFORE shot gun season starts) he has to go work on a project and at this certain project site EVERYONE (including the bearded women, baha, jk, ok, well only if that one lady at the Waterloo Wal-Mart worked there, ok that's mean, bahaha, you totally know who I am talking about though) has to be clean shaven.  After he told me this I busted up laughing.  No, didn't turn my head and quietly smirk, right in front of him laughing  Bahahhaa, oh thank you God you work in mysterious ways and I love you!!

I confess that I think some children who have parents who are old are just rude and hateful to them.  Ugh, sometimes I think some adults (or in this case adults acting like kids) just want their parents to pass so they can have all of their money.  Makes me sick!  They pretend like they are just the best kid (again, NOT being an adult), but when they don't even tell them the TRUTH about serious medical issues, I wana scream at the top of my lungs at them.  But I just sit back and think, karma's a bitch and you are soooooooo gona get it!  Just remember who picks your nursing home......

I confess that tonight we are having a girls night out.  We as in Kim, Maranda, Kendra and I.  OMG - the four of us have not gotten together, when no one is pregnant and gotten to be ourselves in a LONG time.  Watch out!!

I confess that every single day I fall more and more in love with this little girl.Yes, girl, she's not much baby anymore.  (I am getting better with that.)  She is getting so brave and does so much.  She amazes me every single day.  Just when I think I can't do it anymore, she looks up at me and smiles and giggles and I know that I do it all for her.  Life is not easy, marriage is not easy, and parenting is not easy, but seeing this cute little face smiling back at you, all your worries seem so small.  She is getting at the age now where I want to be there all of the time with her, I know that it won't be like this for long and I don't wana miss it!!  I think my CK days might be coming to an end.  All of the money in the world can not buy the moments I miss when I'm working.
Alright, I think that's it.  Now it's your time to talk to the priest in a box.  Baha, cracks me up every time.  Have a good weekend!!


Meagan said...

I agree with knowing tons of people who are pregnant...I swear I see a big 'ole belly everytime I turn around!! And what part of town is this twin water in? I want to make sure I stay far far away from there!!

I confess that I told everyone that they don't need to bring any kind of food to Keegan's bday party this weekend because there are a couple of people whose food I don't like & would rather them not bring anything! I will keep the names to myself but I will say that it's no one on my side of the family! :)

Cassie said...

bahaha, omg I am the SAME way. lol. and yes, of course it's never anyone from our side. hehe.

Adrien said...

Haha, great confessions!

I confess that I've barely been on the computer today, and I feel FREE. Hmmm...what does that tell me?

Kim Luke said...

umm if you don't want those boots, i'll take them. lol just sayin ;)