Friday, October 22, 2010


Jeggings are leggings which are styled to look like tight denim jeans.  Steven "Denim" Daigle, fashion critic, stated that while jeggings are acceptable careerwear, the blending of the word 'jeans' with the word 'leggings' is, "...just the solution for our current economic situation."
The 'j' not only refers to the appearance of denim, but also to the fact that they were first worn for jogging in early 2009. Apart from the 'jean' adaptation, some jeggings are made with a new type of nylon named nylon PV1.Jeggings were brought on by the resurgence in style of skinny jeans in the mid- to late-2000s, when a higher demand for even tighter style of pant came about.  Since they are typically made of a denim/spandex blend (however, sometimes other materials are used and have detailing to give the appearance of denim) and simply resemble regular tight pants, they are often worn on their own as opposed to under a skirt or dress. Some jeggings have faux zip-flies and pockets, while others just have an elastic waistband and no pockets.Jeggings entered the fitness world in early 2009. Jeggings were among the more popular clothing items of 2010, according to business reporting.

First off, I would not be caught dead wearing jeggings to work or jogging.  Bahaha, N.E.V.E.R.  Just wanted to make that clear.  And did you read that clear Kim and Danielle, they are among the more popular clothing items of 2010, trend setter what-what?!!?  lol.

You may have seen on facebook that I have gone and bought my first pair of jeggings.  Yes, I did, and I freaking LOVE them.  I know, laugh it up, but don't knock it till you try it.  I bought this pair from Old Navy, on sale for just 20 bones (that's for you D).  Of course I did NOT try these on at the store.  We all know there are just some clothes that we are WAY to worried about to even think of trying on at the store.  So they were scooped up and I headed straight for the check out.  I was excited and nervous about them.  I texted my oldest sister, who I thought would totally have a pair.  I said, "I just bought my first pair of jeggings," her quick response was, "OMG - WHY?"  Not really what I was expecting.  Then I stopped at my bffs house and told her I just bought my first pair of jeggings, only to get the SAME reply.  lol.  I was starting to get nervous about my jeggings.  Oh well, I can't knock it till I try it.  So I hurried home to try them on.  I told my husband and got his normal reaction of, "whatever."  I put them on, and  I pretty much stayed in them for every bit of an hour until I saw my mother-in-law pull in the driveway.  I just wasn't quite ready for the public to see me in my jeggings.  So I went and changed.  Last night was my first night sporting them in public.  Stella and I met Katie and Kathy at Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner.  I wore a longer-ish sweatshirt and some ballet flats.  I think I looked ok, I felt confident.
**Side note - You know how you put regular leggings on and they are just OK, mostly just for comfort.  But you KNOW that your but is totally jiggling a bit in them, trust me, this does NOT happen in jeggings.  PTL!  lol.**
So tonight I am thinking of pulling them out again, because of course, I didn't wash them.  I mean really, what woman out there really washes her jeans after only wearing them once?!  We all know we feel so much better about them when we put them on the next time and they are a bit looser fitting.  hehe.  Yes, I know we all do it.  I grew up in a house of four women and I knew we all did it.  lol.  Anyways, if you see me from afar and think that they look ridic, PLEASE tell me.  I need some honest opinions.  Katie and Kathy didn't say anything about them, only because I think they are a bit scared of me and never really know what I will say.  I promise I won't freak out on you, but I may get this look on my face like, I need to go home RIGHT now.
So now the made "reason" for this post.  I have NO IDEA what kind of shoes to wear with my jeggings!!  I did the ballet flats last night, and they were ok, they did the job of "having shoes to wear" but I wasn't in love.  I could always wear my favorite, heels, but really Cassie, heels to a football game, come on.  Of course a major trend right now is boots since it's Boot Season, but all I have are Ugg boots (not really Ugg boot weather just yet) and a pair of tall Jessica Simpson boots that have like a 4 inch heel (not even an option).  I could always resort to the ever so trusty gladiator shoe, but it is October, and those are pretty much like flip flops.  So I am stuck, PLEASE help.  Oh and please I would LOVE to hear other's opinions on jeggings.  Seriously, I think this could be fun!!

Are Jeggings:
A - Ridic, no way in hell would I ever buy a pair.
B - Just ok.  I like them on other people, but not on me.
C - I may try them someday.
D - Love them!! 

Oh and don't forget about the shoes help - come on people.  Otherwise I will be supporting some flip flops in 50 degree weather.  Real classy.....


Kim Luke said...


Lmoa. Ok Ok, Maybe B. Or C.

I would say heels. Who cares that its a football game, you arent playing. Heels make legs look skinner, longer and the make the butt look better.. and lord knows everyones showing in them jeggins!

PS i cant believe the jeggins blog is this long. Ridic! LOL

Cassie said...

hahahaha - yes, who knew i could write that much about jeggings.

Meagan said...

ok...I've been wanting to buy a pair of those for awhile now but wasn't quite sure if I would like them or not...I mean I just started wearing leggings so I might be pushing it with the jeggings! As far as shoes go, my vote would go towards boots...but 4 inches might be a bit much for a hs football game! Easy solution a new pair on the way home! :)

Katie said...

hahahaha I liked them on you, Cassie. Im going to have to go with B though. Im not into the whole skinny jean or jeggings on me. Ok ok so I have never tried EITHER of them on, but I have always said I would NEVER wear skinny jeans and I just cant get myself off that thought. As far as the shoes to a football game I would stick with the flats. I thought they looked good with the jeggings. Plus the flats are going to be a lot easier when you need to pull the bottoms down when you stand up and your holding Stella. :)

Cassie said...

Woohoo - thanks for the comments!

Meagan, go for it! Buy the jeggings. And if they are only $20 at Old Navy?! That's a score. Well, they are onsale right now.

Katie - as skinny as you are you should TOTALLY get some skinny jeans. I'm buying you some for your birthday! lol.