Dog Gone It

Monday, October 25, 2010

Dog Gone It

Someone discovered Abbie's kennel this weekend.
We would open the door......
And close the door....
Just as long as she does not crawl IN the kennel, we are ok.
Abbie on the other hand could not understand why her sister was so amazed by her kennel.

Later on little miss thought, let's just make this whole day be about discovering Abbie's stuff.
So she made her way over to the dog bowl. 
Yes, I knew once she became mobile, this day would come. 
Now, as long as she does not EAT or DRINK from the bowls.
"Who me?!  Mom, I would never do such a thing....."
"Oh, whatcha got there Abbie?"
"Oh, nice cold water, I think I need to splash it around"

And yes, I stood back and took pictures while my daughter played in the dogs bowls.  lol.  Oh well...