Go Big Maroon!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Go Big Maroon!

Stella is so excited to go to her 1st high school football game tonight!  Of course Mommy just HAD to get her a big ass headband to wear, yes, I am "that" Mom.  She does so good with headbands, never really messes with them (knock on wood).  Even though we are going to Sparta to watch Red Bud play, Stella and I will proudly support our Red Bud Musketeers!  Sorry Daddy, this baby won't be wearing no Sparta blue ANY time soon.  This is Red Bud and Sparta's last game of the regular season, but unfortunately going to be a sad one due to the loss of Sparta's head football coach this week.  But the reason we are going is to watch Daddy walk on the field at half time with his Class of 2000 for his TEN YEAR class reunion.  Wow, your old Daddy.  In 2000 I was in 7th grade.  Bahaha.  So if you get a chance to go to the game tonight and spot a sweet little baby, glued to her Mommy (because heaven forbid we go to anyone else), sporting a big ass maroon and white headband, that's us!  : )

And a shout out to Melissa at Sweet Cheeks, she made this cute bow, only cost me $3!  Heck yeah.  If you look real close the middle is actually made out of a smashed bottle cap.  What a thrifty idea!!


Kim Luke said...

I just love how she is always smiling!!! So happy!!!! :)

Cassie said...

It's either smiling or squinting becasue the flash on my phone is crazy bright! lol.

Melissa Cheek said...

I love the headband, it looks adorable on her. I might have to add her to my facebook page of cute customers! As long as you are ok with that of course!