Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

Today my car officially rolled over 30,000 miles.  OK to some of you this is nothing, but this is CrAzY to me!  We bought our Escape on September 21, 2009, with 50 miles on it.  Brand spanking new!  Sweettt.
However in just ONE YEAR and ONE WEEK we put 30,000 miles on it. 
Doesn't help that I drive 42 miles one way to work each day and we take my Escape everywhere. 
I googled the average number of miles you put on your car in a year and it's 12,000 - 15,000.
 Psh, we DOUBLED that. 
I need a job in IL.

And some other not so exciting news.... 
I started really "driving" in St. Louis when I moved to attend Hickey, so back in 2005.  I quickly learned that MO drivers are crazy (yes, Katie, it's not IL drivers).  I also learned to utilize a not so pretty finger and my favorite car part, the horn.  I got the hang of not using my blinker because I swear the second you slap MO plates on your car the blinker quits working, and driving like a bat outa hell.  I got by with it for quite some time, five years to be exact.  And then........
  Yep, this Momma got her very first speeding ticket.  OUCH! 
Ok fine, I know you wana know all of the juicy details. 
Got clocked going 78.
In a 60.
  Uh, yes, 18 over the speed limit. 
But I SWORE the speed limit was 65, so that ONLY would have been 13 over.  I even told the cop that I thought it was 65, he quickly advised me that it's only 65 in IL.  Well that's why I live there!!
Alright, alright, the price tag you ask??
 $133!!  GULP! 
How much extra for court supervision so it doesn't go on my record?? 
$50 more. 
Brings the grand total to $183!!
*passes out*
I need a job in IL.


Meagan said...

I know exactly what you mean!! We bought my Traverse in July 2009 with like 20 miles on it and it has almost 30,000 miles on it now (if it doesn't already because honestly I don't know the exact number)! I too need a job closer to home!!

Cassie said...

YEP! It makes you sick, thinking I will have 100,000 miles on this baby before it's even paid off. Yuck!