Cloud Nine

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cloud Nine

Dude, wait, check this out!!
I thought I finished the 5k in 44 minutes, no no no no no, WAY off!! 
This Momma finished in 35:05!!  STOKED!!!!!!!
See for yourself -

My little sister finished in 31:48!  Way to go Lac!!!

Seriously, I am on like CLOUD FREAKING NINE right now. 

But then I looked at the age of the girl who finished 1st, ha, of course she is my age, and she finished in 22:07.  WOWZA!  Thanks for bursting my bubble.
But I bet she doesn't have a 8 month old or a high maintenance dog!!
Hey, I had to boost my confidence back up somehow.  lol.

Signing up for another 5k tonight, it's on Sunday October 10th in Red Bud for the Muskets! 
You should too!!
Good luck!!