Just When I Thought....

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Just When I Thought....

Just when I thought everything was taking a turn for the worst....
(all these things happened within 3 days of each other)
$183 speeding ticket,
30,000 miles on my car,
running a 5k in the rain with an out of shape dog, and
getting my Verizon bill, Home Depot bill, AND Discover Card bill in the mail on the same day!!

Then I noticed my luck changing.....
I went to buy a tanning package at the local tanning place in town, and you could draw out of a treasure chest for a chance to get anywhere from 10 - 50% off your package.  What did I draw (thanks to the Steibel luck)?!?!  That's right, 50% off!!  Sweet!!  So for $19 I cashed in on 10 tans!
Then I put on a pair of jeans I usually wear with sweatshirts, because, well everyone has those kind of jeans, and they fit perfect.  YAY!

Then this happened.....
Yep, that would be one BLACK and one BROWN high heel AND yes, one shoes is WAY pointier than the other.  PTL they are the same height or else I would REALLY look funny.
Ha!  And in case you were wondering if this is the first time this has ever happened, no, it's not.  It has happened once before at work.  I have almost been here four years though, so two times in four years isn't too bad I don't think.  Good thing I work with so many great people that everyone gets a good laugh out of it!!
**Now, how many of you looked down at your shoes after you read this?!!?  Hehe. Caught you!**