Picture Perfect

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Picture Perfect

Tomorrow at school (daycare) Stella has School Pictures!  YAY!  So exciting, but so stressful for this Mommy.  It's a fall back drop so they suggest neutral colors.  Ahhh, what should she wear?!?!  So last night I had a big cleaning out her closet night and here are four choices I came up with for pictures. 
I need your help!! 
Top right is a sweatshirt dress from Old Navy.  Maybe a little too much with a fall background?!?!
Top left is a cute little Circo brown and pink dress with a brown cardigan.
Bottom right is a navy blue and dark pink shirt dress from Old Navy.
Bottom left is a khaki jumper from Gap with a white long sleeved onesies.
Which one should she wear?!!?


Kacie said...

I love the top left (Circo brown and pink) and I love the bottom right (navy blue and dark pink) I think my favorite is the navy blue and dark pink! =)

Meagan said...

My vote is for the khaki jumper...I think it would look the best with the background they are using!

I completely forgot about picture day until I dropped Keegan off this morning! Then on my way to work I was thinking of what I would put on him and realized he doesn't have any nice brown or black shoes that fit anymore...ugh!

Katie said...

Ok is it me or are you confused on your left and right this morning along with finding two shoes that match??? hahahah LOVE YOU!!

My vote is for the brown and pink dress with brown cardigan.

Cassie said...

hahahahaha - omg Katie I am!!
What is wrong with me! I just notice that left is right and right is left. WOW. I think I need to go back to bed. Geesh!

Kacie - I have the navy blue and pink outfit for the 50th wedding anniversary this weekend, so I think I'm going to save it for then.

I think the khaki jumper is going to be the winner, but I'm with you Meagan, Stella doesn't have any shoes that match and fit either!! Looks like I'm making a Target trip at lunch.....

Kim Luke said...

my favorite is the top right!