Thursday, September 9, 2010


First off, dinner last night, oh my gawd, amazing.  I love you crockpot.  Like for real.  Here, see for yourself:
Like freaking Taco Bell in my kitchen: melted velveeta, refried beans, lettuce, shredded chicken from the crockpot, topped with sour cream, and sauce.  Yum yum in my tum tum.  Seriously, try it, so worth it!

Next thing, signed up for my first 5k!  What the?!?!  Ha, I know I know.  I just finished bootcamp and well, after 7 weeks and missing 2 days, I didn't lose any weight.  Well, I lost few pounds here and there, but then in the end ended up as the same weight I started with.  I just told myself muscle weighs more than fat right.  Baha, sure.  Oh well, it was nice to get away for an hour twice a week and work out.  Even though I may not have lost weight, I feel like my clothes fit differently and that's all that matters to me.  Anyways, so because of the bootcamp I feel in shape so I thought, heck I can do a 5k, it's only 3.1 miles anyways.  So here it is!  The Humane Society of Monroe County is putting it on on Sunday, August 26th.  I can even bring Abbie if I want.  Ha, right, Abbie would be too interested in all the people to even care about running.  But wait, then again I could use her as a reason to have to stop, ooooo, might be reconsidering bringing her.  : )  I think the humane society is such a good organization and I'm excited to come out and support them.  Maybe when Stella gets a little older we will volunteer out there and help walks the pets or something, as much as she LOVES Abbie I'm sure she would enjoy that and I want to teach her the importance of volunteering.  If you are interested, here is the link.  There is even a 1 mile fun run/walk for those of you who don't want to do the 5k.  So I have my 5k training guide printed out, now I just need to get running.  Only 18 days until the race.  Wowza!

Well, if that all goes good, Lacie and I are thinking about signing up for the Go! St. Louis 10k.  Again, what the?!!?  Crazy woman on the lose.  But seriously, I could only imagine how amazing if feels to say, I have completed a 10k.  Ahhh, I'm sure it's so impowering!!  I mean I excited for the runners when I see them on TV.  lol.  But wait, that's in a month and 9 days!  YIKES!  6.1 miles, can I really do this?!?!  I truly believe I can.  I can get in the zone and set my mind to it and yes, I can do it!  Here is the link for this if you are interested.  The run is Halloween themed so they encourage you to dress up.  I have a FAB idea for Halloween, but mums the world, but you just might see me out there dressed up in my costume.  Bahaha, what a site.  I'm sure my sister would be nice and embarrassed.  But hey, what are sisters for right?!!? 
Hey you never know, we might even sign up for the half marathon in April, wow, ok that would be amazing!  Then I could get one of those cool 13.1 stickers for my car.  Oh yeah!  Ok ok Cassie, back to reality, let's get the 5k under your belt first.

So most of you know Josh and I are taking a Dave Ramsey class on Sundays.  It truly is an eye opener every single week.  Dave's motto is "live like no one else, so later you can live like no one else."  So true.  And he says, if your friends are making fun of your ways, then you are right on track!  So what if I can't take a vacation every year, when I can scream I am DEBT FREE in possibly 5 years, my ass will be taking a PAID FOR trip to Hawaii for two weeks.  A FB friend has a cute little blog and she wrote about the envelope system Dave strives for you to do.  Check it out!  She really explains it well.  We currently have our 4 envelopes (Giving, Entertainment, Restaurants, Groceries).  We put a certain amount each week into the envelopes and when nothing left in there, welp, we don't buy it or go out.  We have only been doing this for about 3 weeks but I feel like I have saved so much money, and you truly do!  I think it would be AMAZING to be 25 years old and ONLY have a house payment!!  That is my goal.  Right now I am working on 6k in 6 months, but after that I am busting my but on $20,000 in school loans and my car payment.  I can and WILL do this!  Maybe I should cut out a picture of Hawaii and tape it to my wallet so every time I go to it for money or the for ugly credit card I will think STOP, Hawaii will be so much nicer than those shoes!  :)

And now just a little vent session.  Stella's daycare is great.  I am really happy there and I know Stella is too.  Every morning I pack 3 bottles in her bag, she usually has one before we leave the house so she is full when she gets to daycare.  Ok, great.  So yesterday I come in around 4:55 to pick her up.  I look in her cubby and she has two clean bottles in there.  I turned around to the lady in the room and said, "Stella only had one bottle today?"  She grabbed her paper and said, "Yeah looks like it."  So I grab the paper to find out her last bottle/feeding was at 12:35!!!!!  It took all the strength in me not to go off!!  You mean to tell me my baby has gone 4 and a half hours without ANYTHING TO EAT?!?!  So I just politely packed up everything and headed home.  Good thing we only have like a 3 minute drive home.  Once we walked in the door I put Stella in her high chair and got out a jar of food.  She downed a jar of baby food in no time AND took a bottle.  Needless to say when Dad got home he was like WHAT!!  So Dad, being Dad, called up the daycare and wanted some answers.  And I agree, I mean if you made a bottle and she just didn't want to take it, ok fine, totally understand, but that wasn't even noted anywhere!!  They really had no answer for us besides that they have a few new people there and there was a new girl in her room today.  I-DO-NOT-CARE!  I don't pay $155 a week for you to NOT feed my child.  Geesh.  Sorry, just had to get that off my chest.  Needless to say this morning when I got to daycare the owner apologized.  I'm sure Stella is going to get the royal treatment today and fed like a king.  lol. 


Katie said...

the tacos sound A-MAZING!! Im definitely going to have to try that out. I LOVE the crockpot. I really dont enjoy cooking at all so the crockpot is pretty freakin handy! =)

Is the 5k this year? You said it was August 26th...my love we are now in Sept.

That class you and Josh are taking sounds really interesting. I told Andy about it. I would LOVE to go to something like that. I will have to look around for one in soco.

Last but definitely not the least important comment---poor Stella!!! I would not be happy either. What a good Daddy she has calling and trying to get some answers. Just think how far he has come. Remember when he picked her up from daycare and he said she was hit in the head at daycare and thats all the info he had?! Look at him now!!! =)

Cassie said...

hahaha, oh yes Katie, this is true. He has come a LONG way, that's for sure.
However the whole time he was on the phone Stella was sitting in her high chair just starring at him like "really Dad." it was hilarious!!
Yes, this year!! If you want to do it you can. It's in Columbia so not far for you and you can bring Coco!!
I will e-mail you the link for the classes.

Kacie said...

I am SOO glad you liked the recipe! I am so happy to share. Tonight I am trying another new one...frozen chicken breast and a jar of spaghetti sauce. Then when I get home I will make some pasta noodles and serve the chicken over the pasta and mozzarella cheese....YUM! Hope it taste as good as it sounds!!
Thank goodness Josh called DYC! That makes me MAD! That is horrible! You have to feed a child. They could have gotten into a lot of trouble with that!

Adrien said...

I LOVE my crock pot, too! Even though I'm home all day, I love throwing a bunch of stuff together and then not thinking about it until dinnertime!

Thanks for linking me up! I saw that someone had visited my page through your blog, and I was like, "what? how does that work?" Haha. And you're right to be upset about Stella not being fed. When I worked daycare, I'm pretty sure we were on a 2-3 hour feeding schedule...so I have no clue how someone could overlook that! You must have a really well-behaved baby, because if she were being super fussy giving a bottle is usually one of the first things people try!

Cassie said...

No problem!! I know I love that sneaky little status thing we have where we can see who all checked us out! lol.
Yeah the daycare situtaion wasn't cool. And yeah she usually eats every 3 hours or so and she lets you know when she is hungry. I don't know if she just got to playing and didn't think about eating. Oh well.