Dear Crockpot,

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dear Crockpot,

You might just be the greatest invention ever.  I love that I can depend on you to have dinner ready when I get home.  You are like a plug in housewife.  Now if I could just get you to do floors....

But anyways, I tried out a new recipe this morning (thanks to Kacie Jones).  Take four boneless chicken breast, completely frozen.  Yep, like straight out of the bag in the freezer into the crockpot.  Then take one cup of salsa and one package of the taco seasoning.  Don't follow the directions on the taco seasoning packet.  Just open it up, pour it into the salsa a mix it together.  Then pour it on top of the chicken and turn your crockpot on low.  Well, if you are going to be gone all day, turn it on low, if you are making it around noonish, put it on high for about four or five hours.  Anyways, by time you get home it should be easy to shred.  Get out some taco shells and enjoy some chicken tacos!!  Add some cheese and a few other favorite taco toppings and wala, enjoy!

Any other quick, easy and delicious crockpot recipes out there any of you bloggers are willing to pass on, please share!!


Kacie said...

Hope you like it! It is now one of mine and Brent's favorite! It is also good to make chicken nachos! Let me know how you like it! Don't serve it right away, once you get home give it a good stir and shred the chicken and let it set for a little bit just to get all the juices going, but it is so good!
I swear, give me frozen chicken breasts and a crockpot and you can make anything! Tonight its BBQ Chicken, tomorrow chicken with spaghetti sauce and serve over any kind of pasta!=)

Cassie said...

Thanks for the heads up!! I will have to try the chicken with my homemade pasta sauce over some penne or something. Yum, sounds good!

Craig and Litney said...

cassie- i joined this page on facebook called the great crockpot exchange or something like that, and people share recipes all the time. i don't ever read them, but here shortly i will when i can start using my crockpot after the wedding. just an idea i thought i'd share!