I Confess, I'm a Mess

Friday, September 10, 2010

I Confess, I'm a Mess

Oh yes, we all have those crazy little hidden secrets that we are sometimes afraid to confess or talk about because well, sometimes they are just flat out embarrassing.
I told you about this cute little blog the other day, and her most recent post is hilarious!  She is a stay at home Mommy to an adorable little girl with another little bundle of joy (another girl) due in just  few weeks.  God bless her, she is going to be busy!!  Her new post is all about confessions.  Yes, we all have them.  However, I have never dropped my iPhone in the toilet (because Lordy if I was lucky enough to have one I would probably have it taped to my hand o carry it on a silver platter), but I'm sure my days of my daughter wearing my bra as a scarf are right around the corner.

So I thought I would humor you all this morning with a couple of my confessions.
  • I confess that I let my Abbie lick Stella right smack dab on the face. Yes, lips and all, but only a few times, just because I love to hear the way it makes Stel giggle!!
  • I confess that I hate her binkey and I want to get rid of it so bad, but when 16 other people tell me to keep it until she is one it makes me feel like I'm a bad parent for wanting to take it away.
  • I confess that I can't watch/read/listen to a single person talk about having a baby or giving birth without tearing up.
  • I confess that I spend WAY to much time reading blogs and I could probably get a LOT more done if I could just pull myself away.
  • I confess that I never ever wear "drawers," if you know what I mean.
  • I confess that I don't shower every day.  Not because I'm lazy, but because I just don't care and I don't think I stink.  I mean, can you tell that I don't?!!?  Didn't think so.
  • I confess that I am completely clueless about this whole parenting thing.  I mean seriously.  Google and I have become BFFs.
  • I confess that even though I signed up for that 5k two days ago, I haven't ran yet.  Bahaha.  Hope there's a trophy for last place!
Ok, that's enough for today.  Anyone else want to confess?!!?  Come on, it will be fun!!  Leave it in a comment!

Have a good weekend!!  Don't forget CASH Bingo at the Catholic School on Sunday!!  SWEET!!  It starts at 1:30 and there will be Chicken and Dumplings served starting at 11:30.  Ahhh, I love my life!


Adrien said...

I just realized that I totally forgot to leave some love on your blog today! These are great confessions, haha. I especially like the one about Google, because that is so me! I'd lose my mind if I couldn't look up all of my questions!

Kacie said...

Since no one confessed anything I will....I confess I am a MAJOR people watcher. I also confess I am addicted to checking this blog for new posts. I confess I am a facebook stalker!

tinasteibel said...

I confess that I raised my daughters to wear panites, yes the parents are not always the ones to blame.

Dont worry about Abbie, it wont be the worst thing that touches her mouth.

I still dont get the shower thing, but the biggest thing is you are a wonderful parent. Your daughters face lights up everytime she sees her mother and we all can tell that Stella is loved.