I Heart Spray Paint

Friday, September 3, 2010

I Heart Spray Paint

Ok, ok, so I am nowhere near being the next Design Star nor does this blog ever have potential to become the DIY blog of the year, but every now and then I do get crafty (if you even consider this crafty).
I found this little guy the other day while going through our storage room:
Caauuuttee - yes I know be jealous.
And then I found this little guy:
And I immediately thought they need to meet and be friends. 
So they did:
I truly think they are a good couple.
Tada!  Now just need some ribbon to hang it in he hallway.  Lurve it!
Again, like I said, not the craftiest project, but that picture frame before wouldn't be caught dead on a single one of my walls, and now I can't wait to proudly display it.


alyssak said...

That looks awesome! I never think about doing those kinds of things.