Two Words - Hunting Season

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Two Words - Hunting Season

This could quite possibly sum up my feelings today.  Last night when I got home the hubs said he was more than likely going to be called off work tomorrow due to rain.  No biggie.  So the two of us brainstormed a few things I would "like" for him to get done tomorrow.  For most women, "like" means, expect.  You would think by now they would know our lingo.  Anyways, the list wasn't brutal by ANY means and was VERY short  Ok, when I mean VERY short, it had ONE thing on it.  Power wash the front porch.  This entailed him to go to my Dad's get the power washer, hook up the hose and clean the front porch.  MAYBE a hour job.  MAYBE.
So when he got the call a little after 6 a.m. that he wasn't working today, I packed up Stella and took her to daycare and headed to work so that he could get "stuff" done. 
When noon rolled around I thought I would give him a call.  Our conversation went a little something like this:
C - Hey, how's your day going?
J - Good, just getting dressed.
C - What?!  Did you just get out of bed?! (thinking to myself, you better not say yes)
J - No, I have been working on stuff this morning.
C - What kind of stuff?  (i just know it has something to do with hunting)
J - My stuff.  I paid bills, put together a deer stand, did some stuff in the garage, cleaned my gun.
C - (long silence).....ok, so what are you getting dressed to go do? (please say going to my Dad's!!)
J - Oh, I'm going to head out to your Grandpa's house and talk to Tony about this hunting season and maybe go put up a deer stand, then I might run to Waterloo and stop by Rural King since I'm close.
C - Really. (another long silence)  Ummm, well, what about the porch?1?!?
J - This is considered a vacation day for me so I am doing what I would do on a vacation day.
C - (i bit my tongue, took a deep breath and said ) I think I'm just going to hang up the phone now.  Be careful.  Have a good rest of the day.  Love you.  Bye (and it wasn't one of those "good" byes).

Now now, don't get me wrong, if we SOLELY relied on HIS PAYCHECK and HIS PAYCHECK ALONE, the man could do WHATEVER HE WANTED, WHENEVER HE WANTED, BBBBBUUUUTTTT, that's not the case.  And I don't see the power washing fairy flying around our neighborhood.  And two, if I was home and I knew how to run the power washer, you can bet your bottom dollar I would be out there doing it!!  Anyways...

I hung up the phone and thought, I - HATE - HUNTING - SEASON.  I mean I love deer meat and all that jazz, and I have NO PROBLEM with you going hunting Saturday or Sunday morning, but when it's something everyday, I want to head to the nearest Tequilas and drink my night away.  AND it would be totally different if something came out of all of this; but sitting up 13 tree stands, washing your clothes in special "deer pee" detergent, and having to hear the alarm clock at 4:00 in the morning, only to shoot Bambi, IF THAT, doesn't make a bunch of sense to me.  I mean if we were bringing home monster buck and killing deer with racks the size of a small child, that would be a different story people.
I mean don't get me wrong when it's not hunting season I do enjoy an occasional road trip with a bff or two, but not every weekend.  I could go on and on about hunting but I will stop. 
Let's just hope by Tuesday morning I have something to blog about, and that something being that my front porch got power washed.  :)


Kacie said...

hunting = :( to me! I do not eat deer meat, I hate hearing the alarm and the snooze, the alarm and the snooze, etc...

Craig and Litney said...

i HAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTEEEE hunting season and don't even want to think about what its going to be like when craig and i live together. since yesterday was the first day of early season for geese and dove, he thought he could get out of our meeting with fr dennis and just reschedule it, i said NO! whats more important hunting or getting married?? and then today he wanted to go dove hunting, and THEN goose hunting, and skipped out on our appt to pick out the tuxes and try on his wedding ring.... shit like that aint gonna fly all season i'm telling ya!

Cassie said...

i feel ya lit!! just wait, add a baby in there and it's like woah woah woah mr, let's have a little "come to jesus" talk here about priorities. lol. good luck!!