Three is the New Two!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Three is the New Two!

we are having a baby.
ha - yep, kept that one a secret for quite some time.
today marks 16 weeks.
so officially four months along.

so let's rewind.
tmi for a bit, you have been warned.
i had my IUD taken out in january.
everyone was like you are going to walk out of the doctor and be pregnant.
welp, that wasn't the case for us.
i got my IUD out and it was horrible.
i bled for 16 days straight.
yes, 16 days.
i called my doctor and everything, supposedly it's normal.
alright, whatever.
i guess when you go from having the IUD and having like a day maybe period to 16 days straight of bleeding a girl would be concerned.
but doc, not so much.
once that was finally over it got stressful.
i can't complain about it taking four months but my husband pretty much had his hopes up that we would be pregnant like right away and that clearly wasn't the case..
it was a very stressful, not fun first quarter of the year.
my period in april was weird.
just short, but kind of like an IUD period.
so i just assumed it was normal.
a neighbor friend was always asking if we were pregnant yet and one day in may she asked me.
i said, no but i had a weird period last month.
she said, "you're pregnant, you should go to the doctor."
whatever, there's no way.
i let a few weeks go by and my boobs really started hurting.
i thought ok, maybe she was right.
so i called my doctor and told them the story.
they scheduled for me to come in.
side note - i have never taken a pregnancy test.  i am probably too cheap idk, but i think well, the doctor will tell me the truth so i will just let him do it.
so i go in - meanwhile NO ONE, i mean NO ONE knows i am at the doctor.
husband, family, no one.
sure enough, boom 7.5 weeks pregnant!
of course jon was scheduled to go out of town in a few days and father's day was just a few more days after that.
i thought, i can keep this a secret until father's day.
and honestly i hadn't even bought him anything for father's day yet.  ha.
sorry babe.
so before i leave the doctors office they give me a pee cup and this huge bag full of literature, coupons, you name it.
great - where in the heck am i supposed to hide this stuff?
i kept it in my work bookbag for over a week.
he was completely oblivious.   thank god!
he went out of town and everything was working out perfectly.
we had father's day at our house and my sister announced that she was expecting.
i cried, whew, which i never do!
i thought shit, people are going to know.
especially my husband.
nope, didn't pick up at all.
sunday morning, father's day, the kids left to go with their dad around lunch time and it was just jon and i at home.
i handed him a card and said it's not much, but here is a little something for father's day.
inside was the ultrasound picture.
i didn't know what his reaction would be.
we aren't lovie dovie kind of people, but he is a softie.
no tears.  ha, whew, because i don't think i could handle it.
but it was pretty stoked!
and couldn't believe how much he hadn't picked up on.
men.  lol.
i told him i was almost 9 weeks and i wanted to keep it a secret until i was 12.
three weeks of him not telling anyone.
you have no idea, my husband is like a 13 year old girl.
he can't keep a secret.
i didn't even want to tell the kids yet.
even though stella is an amazing secret keeper.
i wanted to find out the gender and do a surprise reveal with them.
he was in!
i went in at 11 weeks 3 days and go my blood work done.
the nurse told me i would get a call in 10 business days, 4 business days later we got the call.
we had them tell a friend, who then told our photographer, who then ordered a balloon.
we got that call on a tuesday, our photo session wasn't until friday.
ahhhh - it was crazy to know that two other people knew for four whole days and we didn't!
finally it was friday.
we told the kids we had a surprise for them after work.
they thought for sure we were going to the cardinals game - whoops! sorry kids.
when we got home we surprised them with these.

oh my gosh they were SO excited!!
they had so many questions:
why is my belly not big?
when is the baby coming?
is it a boy or a girl?
we told them we are going to find out TONIGHT if it's a boy or a girl.
but there is ONE RULE:
NO CRYING if it's not what you wanted.
henry of course wanted a boy - no matter what.
stella was always, girl, but she said she was just SO happy to have a baby in the house!
so off we went.

it's a BOY!!!
needless to say everyone was surprised.
jon totally thought girl.
i totally thought boy (because i had been eating EVERYTHING under the sun)!
henry was pumped.
so was stella!
and no one cried!  lol.
jon was seriously SO excited!!
it was adorable.
of course we headed to straight to target and picked out something for baby boy.
and then made numerous phone calls to everyone.
it was like - hey, we are having a baby.  oh hey and we know what it is - it's a boy!
ha - everyone was like wait what!!  lol.
best secret ever.
especially from two people who can't keep secrets from each other!