Happy Father's Day

Monday, June 19, 2017

Happy Father's Day

we had a great father's day weekend.
we hosted the steibel family on saturday at our house for a BBQ and pool party.
and it was great!
sunday was total chill day.
and ended with dinner at jon's grandparents house.
couldn't ask for a better weekend.
the kids chose to get jon a new game for family game night.
he might be the only 30 year old i know who was genuinely excited about getting a bingo game for father's day.
and we've already played four games.

the today show posted a video the other day that caught my attention.
i thought it was the absolute perfect words to share with jon on this father's day.

a dad isn’t always defined by DNA, sometimes dads are the men who entire our lives by circumstances and choose to love us.
it doesn’t matter how you came into our lives. 
it is what you have done, that has made all of the difference.
you didn’t have to marry an instant family.
you didn’t have to choose a packaged deal.
you didn’t have to read me bedtime stories.
you didn’t have to scare the monsters away.
you didn’t have to teach me to ride a bike.
you didn’t have to help coach my teams.
you didn’t have to stay up with me all night when I was sick.
you didn’t have to come to every game.
you didn’t have to endure the moments when yelled at you and said you weren’t my dad.
you didn’t have to love me.
you didn’t have to become my friend.
you didn’t have to be my dad.
but you chose to.
Thank you for being you!