24 Day Challenge

Thursday, March 17, 2016

24 Day Challenge

jon and i are going to start another 24 day challenge in the next couple of weeks.

hopefully april 1st.
and we are pretty excited.
and we totally think you should join us this go round.
because well duh, summer is just RIGHT around the corner.
which means swimsuits.
AND look how awesome jon looks in just three months thanks for advocare, hard work and dedication.
someone made a comment about how much thinner his face looked in a picture i posted on facebook and i had to do a side by side.
i am SO proud of him.
he has so much more will power than me!

if you are interested in doing the 24 day challenge you should totally reach out.
you get all of this stuff below.
and you will be ADDICTED to spark.
so addicted..
we totally are and have no shame!



Anonymous said...

I thought the same thing when I saw that picture of you, Jon and the kids from Lacie's wedding. Three months and such a huge difference! Good for you guys!!