Wedding Update

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wedding Update

well since we have the save the dates out.
the venue booked.
the dress.
i guess it's time to share a few more details on the big day.
oh yeah and it's like less than nine months away.
our colors are gold, black and white.
also the same colors as batman.
yes, we are going with it.
planning this all around a four year old.
and i love it.

and black - because it's my staple.
i envision stripes and gold plates.
ptl the venue offers up black napkins and table clothes.
the more black, the better.
promise this is a wedding.  lol.
oh and white roses.
love it - so classic - so perfect!
and this - lots and lots of dancing.
no decision on a band or a dj.
but there will be dancing.
and there's a little girl i know already putting in her requests.
oh and we have bridesmaid dresses.
for 60 bones.
holla - and they are comfy and cute and sparkly and fun.
and my gift to them!

so that's all we have right now.
black, white roses and sparkly dresses.
and per jon's request open bar, free everything.
and some bieber.
of course.

happy wednesday! 



Shannon Snodgrass said...

Love!!! Your color choices are classy and beautiful and elegant!! You are going to be stunning! And you can't have a real party without some Bieber, HA!

Jackie said...

Love the dresses! 60 bones...NICE! I thought I was doing good when I got my girls dresses for $95. Can't wait to see it all come together!!

Anonymous said...

Just a thought. If they will deliver to you but look into getting white roses from SAMs club. I know it's strange sounding but the pricing is amazing and the quality was amazing. Used them for my wedding and couldn't have been happier. They sent them two days before in individual water things and all were perfect. I used them because a friend did first and one of her bouquets looked a bit wilted when they sent hers and she just called and they overnighted a new beautiful one. Just a tip and a thought.

Sarah said...

WHERE IS THIS DRESSSSS? I am looking for cheaper dresses for my girls!

Christi said...

My brother and his wife got married on Halloween and their colors were Black, White and Gold. The tables had a black table cloth with a black and white striped table runner. I can find out where she got them if you want.

Anonymous said...

Pumped!! I'm most excited about the little batman running around!!


Amanda aka Manda said...

LOVING everything so far!! You're going to make the most beautiful bride!!

Anonymous said...

love the colors and that it goes so well with Batman (Henry)!!
awesome bridesmaid dresses.