Five on Friday!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Five on Friday!

i'm going to chalk this up to a good week.
life is good.
so let's get to it.

gave blood at stella's school this week.
lemme tell ya - i have some good veins.
but my iron is always SO LOW.
needed a 12.5 and i got a 12.8 - holla!
so i donated!
henry was freaking thinking i was giving away all my blood.
ha - no buddy.
but stella is now on the superhero list at school.
so a win win for everyone!

henry got his clothes for lacie's wedding.
he is just going to be the cutest.
now let's just pray he keeps "real pants" on all day.

we officially have mommy and me shoes.
and i LOVE them.

LOVING my new hoodie from STS.
kim got to design them and they are ONLY available at sts.
seriously go and get yours NOW.
also - feeling SO SO good with this 24 day challenge from advocare.
best decision.

last night i had some girl time with some friends.
and found a fellow grandma napkin lover.
feels so good to not be alone.

have a great weekend.
we have a special little girls 6th birthday party tomorrow!



Anonymous said...

Look at you skinny Minnie!

The last picture made me laugh. You and your napkins!!!