Weekend Wrap Up!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up!

happy monday!
hopefully most of you are off and enjoying some what is a christmas break!
i will be soon.  just two days of work this week.
i can do this.
i can do this.
our weekend was SUPER low key and it was GREAT.
the kids were at their dads and friday night we had a late lunch thing at work.
i ended up getting home around 7, cleaned house, enjoyed a bath and crashed.
ahhhh - it was so so good.
jon got up early the next day to hunt so i was home alone again and enjoyed some sleeping in.
followed by another bath.
no shame.
i did get a chance to get some work done from home, and we headed out to jon's parents house to see his brother and his family who are in town for the holiday!
before we knew it it was time to get ready for our plans for the evening.
my mom had purchased us tickets to see Wicked at The Fox for Christmas.
jon has never seen it and was excited about it.
i promise (even if his face says other wise).
gotta always be camera ready babe.
the show was AMAZING.
it was my second time seeing it and i loved it just as much.
sunday we had jon's nephews baptism.
we hung out there most of the day and visited with everyone after church.
by time we got home it was enough time to change, take another bath, and go and pick up the kids.
yeah, another bath.
man they are so good when it's cold out!!
we spent the rest of the night hanging out at home and watched a movie.
bed times are out the window this week since there's no school.
the kids got to sleep in this morning with jon and they LOVED it.

one last thing before we go.
if you see this lady in the middle day - wish her a very happy birthday.
i won't give her age away, but she did have to go to the DMV and renew her license this year.
welcome to the, shit that makes you feel old club!



Shannon Snodgrass said...

Happy Birthday to your sis! Your weekend sounds so relaxing. I can't remember the last time I got to take a bath!