So What! Wednesday

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

So What! Wednesday

so what! if i am doing this post to catch up.
it's my blog and i do what i want.

so what! if i just can't get enough of our towns santa!
he makes me believe.  he looks so real.
he is just awesome.

so what! if i just love this picture.
if i have taught these two anything it's the importance of staying healthy and wearing black,
always remember.

so what! if this happened the other night.
ice cream, brownies, chocolate syrup.
get in my belly!!

so what! if i just can't get enough of this little guy.
he is finally out of the stage where he wipes my kisses off.
i am sure it's going to come around again, so i am soaking it up while i can!

so what! if i have an obsession with this blanket scarf.
it may or may not be jon's least favorite outfit of mine.
and i may or may not get comments from mostly males every time i wear it.
but i just laugh, because they don't know what style is.  lol.

so what! if these two have made their way to my bed in the mornings.
it's almost christmas break babies.  just a few more days and we can sleep in.

so what! if i checked out at the store the other day with all of this.
the lady was like - wowza that girl has something goin on!
ha - no lady, i can explain.  jon has poison oak, on his face and it's out of control.

so what! it's wednesday, have a marg!



Anonymous said...

That ice cream looks amazing!!

love all the pictures. Henry with a towel wrapped on his head :) Sleeping, cuddling kiddos!

Poor Jon!! Hope he's doing better