Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

i hope wherever you are living you are enjoying this fall like weather.
oh my gosh i love it!
the windows are open, it's chilly in the house in the morning.
on to the weekend.
friday night we had a little scare.
my mom called me on my way home and told me she needed to go to the er.
got everything all lined up, took the kids to lacie's and headed to memorial hospital.
four hours later after some tests she found out it was her appendix and it was coming out.
that night.
by midnight she was prepped for surgery and there was no turning back.
she was out and in her room around 2 a.m.
have you ever been in a hospital waiting room from midnight to 2 a.m.?
me either.
i was put in a waiting room, which i swore was on the entire other end of the hospital and told to wait for a black phone on the wall to ring.
seriously - i thought this was a horror movie or something.
i was FREAKING.  lol.
but all is well now with mom.  she got to come home yesterday and has been resting.
the kids are excited to go and check on her tonight.
saturday morning we had a busy morning.
we had an appointment with a reception venue at 9:00.
let the wedding planning begin!
and then we had pictures at creative bent for henry's birthday.
ahhh - i can't WAIT to see them!
when we got home later than afternoon some friends invited us over for a bonfire.
i think it's safe to say the kids were having fun!
look at those smiles - happy happy happy!
sunday morning we had breakfast with aunt danielle since she was home to see mom.
the kids LOVE when she comes by for a visit.
another new love for the kids is when jon's brother and his wife bring over their new baby Lena.
especially this baby hog.  lol.  stella LOVES holding her.
the boys shot their bows while the girls enjoyed the baby.
i think that's a fair trade.
later that afternoon we attended's layla's birthday party at chucke cheese.
her cake was just ADORABLE!  and the kids had a blast.
we caught these two taking selfies in the car.  hilarious!
when we got back in town we headed out to jon's grandparents house for his grandpa's birthday.
we didn't visit long since it was a school night.
but we got home in enough time for henry to try on his new batman costume.
about two minutes after jon and i got engaged this little dude said right away that he wanted to be batman for mommy's wedding.
might be a first for a lot of people, but it's adorable and we will make it happen.  lol.

have a great week and enjoy this weather!


Adrien said...

I love your full and fun weekends! And I'm thrilled for all of the wedding planning you get to do over this next year! So much to look forward to. Congratulations, again!

The A Team said...

Sounds like a great wknd. I am sure that Henry will make a great Batman at your wedding!! My gramma had problems with her appendix, but they didn't take it out..they just drained all the poison out. It took A LONG time for her to get feeling better. Glad your mom is ok!