Holiday World and Lake Rudolph

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Holiday World and Lake Rudolph

before we knew it it was time for our SECOND vacation of the year.
yes, this is the year of vacations.
after the fourth of july we packed up and headed to Santa Claus, IN.
this is my fifth year, stella and henry's third and jon's first.
i really shouldn't even say we packed up.
ok well i pack the clothes and essentials and then jon wakes up early and packs it all in the car.
it's like magic.
and it's AMAZING!!
henry insisted on wearing his footie pjs and his boots.  in july.  whatever buddy.
he didn't puke and slept part of the drive.
so YAY!
once we got there we had to get our golf cart blinged out!
of course this was after we got a new golf cart.
the first one wouldn't hold a charge and it was just bad!
good thing henry was there to help the maintenance guy.  lol.
the next morning we woke up and headed straight to holiday world and straight to the water park.  stella was PUMPED that she was tall enough to ride all of the water slides.
and i have to admit, i totally was too.  excited i mean, of course i was tall enough.
henry was tall enough to ride two of the waterslides and he LOVED them.
watch out next year.
of course we took our yearly picture in front of the park with santa.
these two cuties were loving enjoying the water together.
crazy to think they are three years apart and the same size.
what can i say, my kids are healthy!
it was almost time for dinner and we headed back to the campground.
the kids headed to the park at lake rudolph with some of the moms and the big kids headed to ride some roller coasters.  i claimed myself as a big kid in this instance.  i mean i was the only mom under 30, so i think it's only fair.  lol.
the best part about holiday world is you can get a stamp and come back as many times as you want that day.  SO awesome!
the next morning we headed up to the camp store to say hi to rudolph himself.
we do this every year and yet rudolph is still excited to see us every time.  lol.
pretty sure S&H wore those shirts last year for this same picture.  whoops!
the best part about lake rudolph is we are never bored.  and i love that.
from decorating the golf carts and being goofy, to visiting the ice cream shop (more times than we should admit), to taking countless golf cart rides (especially if little girls are really tired and need a nap), to just being silly.  we LOVE this place!
here's the group after a golf cart parade.
which is probably our favorite part of the trip!
love the holiday world water tower in the background.
and yes, that's jon and i by ourselves, sucks when you aren't cool parents anymore.  they just want to ride with their friends #boo 
the morning we left we had to get a picture with kim.
she's the reason we are here.  this year was her and austin's 15th year of coming.
that's awesome!  and she is the one who started inviting us.
hoping to make 15 plus years of memories with my kids here too!


Holly said...

Looks like you had a great time! We have never gone camping up there, but since I live in Evansville, it's an easy day trip for us. We try to go to Holiday World every summer. It's nice now that the kids are finally big enough to ride more rides.

The Pink Growl said...

Love seeing your cute happy family vacay pics!

Erin @ Happily Obsessed said...

I was just telling the hubs that when Mav's older we need to start going to Holiday World!!! Looks like so much fun!! I am not ready for my baby to grow up but fun trips like this makes it worth it, right?!

Shannon Snodgrass said...

Reading this and seeing your fun pictures made me smile! We def need to add this to our places to visit!! What a great group of people you have!

Kim Luke said...

the lonely golf cart picture still makes me LOL.

Amanda aka Manda said...

One of these times you're going to have to let me know ahead of time you're coming. I'm SO close to there!